You’re an Angel!


I was reminded this weekend, that there are alot of “angels” in my life.  Many of you have been my earth angels during trying times and seasons of sadness.  I am so thankful for each of you……….so I’m sending this card your way!  We all have times of moutains and times of valleys.  I am constantly being lifted up by people here on earth that help me through the times when I am in the valley.  I love you all!

We are on our way to evening church, but I have had such a busy life since Thursday that I have not been able to blog.  I have several things “ready” to show you this week, so I am excited to start posting again!  I will give you some family updates this week and share more later! 

Thanks for being an angel in my life!  I hope that you will bless someone this week by being an angel in their life, too!

Love, Dawn

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