Another Update

Hi friends!  I am using Charles’ laptop and trying to catch up with everyone.  We will hopefully get to go home sometime today, but we had a long visit with the Dr. this morning.  Charles is still having “extra heartbeats” which was half of the problem before the surgery.  Part of his problem is gone, but this still continues.  He told me all night long that he still felt them, and they do indeed show up on the EKG.  So, we may have to do the surgery again in 3-6 months.  She will be able to tell for sure in 4-6 weeks at his post-op visit.  She was unable to determine the precise origination point for his problem, but knows it is in the right side of the heart.  She says that alot of times the scarring that results from the burning she did in the ablation procedure will build up and it corrects the problem over time.  She said about 50/50 that we will have to do this all again.  GRRR!  So, let’s all start praying that the scarring will result in total success of the surgery.  Charles is very tired and exhausted, and of course we got very little rest last night.  We are looking forward to going home and sleeping tonight in a quiet room.  His bed makes all kind of noises like it is inflating at random times.  He is so tired, but can’t sleep!  Have a great day!


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  1. so glad to hear everything went well. We will keep praying that time will take care of this completely. Hope you both get some rest and will talk to you soon.

    love, becky

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