Spring in Texas!


Spring in Texas means Texas Bluebonnets………and another photo shoot for mom.  I was a little disappointed in my photos, overall, but this one is pretty cute.  I’m not telling the girls just yet, but we’ll probably try to do this again before the bluebonnets fade away.  They really don’t like doing this each year for me, but it is something that we always do.  They just know that the faster they smile and pose, the faster we can be finished 🙂

Charles enjoyed getting out of the house and riding with us to see the bluebonnets.  He is still pretty exhausted, but doing as well as can be expected.   We have received so many calls, e-mails, and TONS of food.  We have been so blessed!  

I hope you have a had a great weekend.  That’s all for today!

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  1. A beautiful picture Dawn. The girls are looking so grown up and maturing into beautiful yound ladies. Sarah’s glasses are adorable and I’m sure she’s really enjoying seeing the world sharp and clear as it should be. We’ll continue to pray for Charles that his exhaustion will dissapate and that he’ll feel much stronger soon. I’m praying for you also that you will have the grace and strength to carry the whole load while he’s recooperating.

  2. Dawn,
    What a lovely picture!!! Glad to hear things are going ok. Hopefully Charles will begin to have more energy soon. We added him to the prayer list in our SS class at Church. I know he is under God’s watchful eye

    I am looking forward to the Tart and Tangy class Thursday. Haven’t done much crafting lately. I need it!!!


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