Thank You Cards

Hello friends!  Yesterday I was subbing in the “art class” at our high school.  So, how appropriate for me to work on the “art” that I love to do…….stamping!  I was able to work on several projects throughout the day, but my most pressing need was to make a bunch of Thank You Cards.   I made 30 (10 each of these 3 designs) so that I could begin writing thank you notes to all of the people who recently helped me during Charles’ surgery.  We received 4 different meals this weekend (with fabulous desserts, might I add) and there were so many friends who visited and helped with my kids.  I am so thankful for each little thing done to help us.  I have alot of writing to do, but I kept a detailed list and I am determined to send a personal note to each of them.  Do you need to say “thanks” to someone in a special way?  Send a card today!  It will mean so much to them.    I must also tell you that these cards were NOT my original designs.  Most of you know that I rarely take the time to “dream up” something new.  I just “case” something that I saw on the internet.  These are almost identical to some that I printed out a month or so ago by another demonstrator.  I love her style!

I also forgot to tell you that Sarah had her piano recital on Sunday afternoon.  She did very well!  She played one song by herself and played a duet with her piano teacher.  

Thanks for keeping up with my blog………and thanks for all the positive feedback.  I hope to learn how to do more with this thing someday soon………..maybe summer!  Who knows???   Charles went to work yesterday and lasted all day!  He still has the “fluttering heart” but we are still hopeful that things will improve.  That’s all for now!


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  1. Dawn, I love these cards! They are so pretty, yet look to be quite easy to reproduce! That’s the best kind of card, isn’t it?! I hope all is going well! Jackie

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