Enjoy Every Moment

This is one of the cards we made at our Stamper’s 10 Club Class tonight.  It features several of our Stampin’ Up! products and our Free Wheelin’ Promotion!  The background images (the tiny flowers/dots) are from our Jumbo Wheel called Daisy Dash.  This wheel is FREE with the purchase the coordinating stamp set called Enjoy Every Moment.  You will enjoy the versatility of this stamp set.  It is another set that has many different ways to “mix up” the words to say many other phrases such as “Enjoy Life” or “Enjoy the little things”…….but it also comes with the basic words “thank you”.  I would like you to pay special attention to the ribbon on the card, too.  I taught my class a simple little technique for tying a bow onto a card.  I will call this the One Hole Bow.  I have taken step-by-step photos and will attempt to tell you how to do this.  You will like it because it secures the bow to the card.  This ribbon is NOT just wrapped around the card.  Follow these steps to try the One Hole Bow Technique


  First, stamp your card.

  Second, fold back the flap, and punch one small hole.

  Third, wrap ribbon around the front of the card.

  Pull both ends through the hole going from back to front.

  Pull snuggly and then make sure one end of ribbon is on the right, one on the left.

  Tie one knot to secure the ribbon. 

I hope this makes sense.  Try it and let me know what you think!

We did several other projects tonight, but I will have to share more another night!   And just a reminder, enjoy every moment………..you never know what tomorrow will bring!  ENJOY!



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