Giant Caterpillar!

Good morning!  We had such a busy weekend that I really don’t know where to start!  I won’t bore you all the scoop, nor do I have time to post it all, but maybe I can give you “small glimpses” here and there.  I have stamped some this weekend in preparation for my Stamper’s 10 Club Class tonight, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for my group.  I will post late tonight and show you the projects we are going to make.  Sorry to keep you waiting…….but this is only fair to the group!


Setting Him Free!Setting him free!


So, I just have to show you this giant caterpillar that Charles stopped and rescued.  We were coming down our street yesterday on the way home from church and he abruptly stopped the car……….this usually means there is FREE FIRE WOOD that he has spotted and wants to load up in the truck 🙂  No joke, so we were moaning a little about what he was getting now, and we knew there was no free firewood on OUR street……….but it was a very large, very fuzzy, and very pretty caterpillar.  It had red stripes on it and was very plump!  We took photos after Sarah “loved” on it for awhile………and then set it free it our bushes.  Of course we are hoping he will turn into a gorgeous butterfly in our yard someday!  So, just a little excitement that brighted our day, especially Sarah…….she has a thing for nature!

I have to tell you that we had the most glorious night at church last night!  We had a community wide Hymn Sing at our church.  We had approximately 300 voices in our choir (from area churches) and about 60 in the orchestra.  We sang “Waco’s Top 10 Hymns” as voted on by area churches.  It was truly one of the most worshipful experieces that I have EVER had in my life.  Many were moved to tears as we thought about the words, the authors who penned them, and their meanings to us personally.  We were given a brief  one-two minute introduction to each hymn and how it came to be…….and then we had guest conductors from the area churches leading the various songs.  One of the men who spoke said that we will rarely remember a sermon (sorry preachers!), but many of us will sing hymns forever.  How true!  Can you quote sermons, or speeches, or mere words exactly as they were spoken?  Not very often……..  But I bet you know the lyrics to many, many songs.  This is so true with our teenagers, too, and that is why I try to make sure they are listening to the right kind of music!  Something about music just gets to the soul and stays there!

So, in case you were wondering about the Top 10????  Here is the list:

#1 Amazing Grace

#2 How Great Thou Art

#3  It Is Well (With My Soul)

#4  Because He Lives

#5  Victory in Jesus

#6  Great Is Thy Faithfulness

#7  The Old Rugged Cross

#8  Holy, Holy, Holy

#9  In the Garden

#10  Blessed Assurance

I really gotta go for now………I wrote way too much as it is!  Have a great day!  More tomorrow!

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  1. The top four hymns are my top four hymns, especially “It Is Well With My Soul”

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