A new look!

Hey gang!  What do you think of the new look??  I have always been one that likes to change purses alot, or shoes, or hair styles………so why not try a new look with the blog???  Let me know what you think.  I have not been pleased with the size of the font (on the old style) or the “readability” of it.  It just always seemed a little hard to read……..and I think I like this better.  I used my new computer skills to add the “customized header” from our recent bluebonnet photo shoot.  Are you impressed or what?    Now if I can just figure out that stuff on the side!!!  I think I need a personal assistant!!!!

Well, we have had some unexpected trips to the doctor yesterday and today with Allyson.  She has a problem with her right eye.  It is very serious and we have to go back tomorrow and possibly every day until it clears up.  We are doing drops every 30 minutes right now…….yes, you read that right!  This is worse than a nursing baby!  I have to get her up every 3 hours tonight to do drops.  But, it is worth it all if we can save her perfect vision that she’s always had.  I tell you that so you can pray for yet another medical need in our family and also so that you will understand that I have not taken the time to post more Stampin’ Up! projects for you today.  If all goes well tomorrow, I will get some on the computer then. 

One thing for sure……..it is never dull at our house!

Thanks for your patience with me!!!!  And don’t forget about the class next Tuesday.  It is the Paper Topiary Class (Mother’s Day idea) and I still have a few openings.  You can also purchase the kits!  This class costs $15 and includes one FULL pack of Designer Series Paper (9.95 value).   Please come and bring a friend, too!

Love, Dawn

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  1. Your new look and banner is beautiful. I’m so proud of you for figuring all this stuff out. I’ll be praying for Alisons’ eye to heal quickly and that she won’t miss so much school. What a bummer to miss out on perfect attendance.

  2. I love the bluebonnets. You are really doing a fantastic job. Allyson will be in our prayers. Hang in there.

  3. Love the new look – I have faith in you, you will have the sidebar stuff figured out soon! I’m sorry to hear about Allyson’s eye and will pray that it heals quickly and completely.

  4. Hey! I like it! Best to you, your family, and especially Allyson!

  5. I love the new look, the banner picture and all the great ideas for paper crafts. I am so inspired by your creativity! I think I will try the birthday card. Thanks for having a blog and keeping us all crafty!

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