State Bible Drill Results

I couldn’t wait to let you guys know that Sarah earned the honors of “Winner State Perfect” at the State Bible Drill competition on Friday night.  We were so proud of her!!!!  She only missed one last year, but she is somewhat of a perfectionist (not sure where those genes came from) and deeply desired to earn a Perfect Score this year.   She was, and still is, on “cloud 9”.   Many of you probably don’t have any idea what “Bible Drill” is all about.  The children prepare all year long.  There are 4 areas of the drill.   First, they memorize 25 Bible verses and the references.  At the drill, they will randomly select 6 of those 25 to call.  When the reference is called, they have 10 seconds to respond and then they have to quote the verse and the scripture reference.  Secondly, they have 6 calls where they give you the beginning of the verse.   The children have to finish the verse, and also know the scripture reference for that verse.  These verses come from those 25 that I originally memorized.  Thirdly, they have 10 Key Passages from the Bible that they have memorized.  Something like “The Faith Chapter”, and they have to know where that is in the Bible, locate it in the 10 seconds, and then read one verse from that chapter when called upon.  Lastly, they have to know ALL the books of the Bible and be able to find ANY called book in 10 seconds.  Not only that, but they have to be able to say the book before the one called, the book called, and then the book after that.  Well, any of YOU up to the challenge????   It is so stressful on me as a parent, I can barely stand to watch!   I hope I did not bore you, but I wanted each of you to realize what an accomplishment it is for ALL OF THE KIDS….. but hiding God’s word in their hearts is what it is all about.  My older girls can still quote almost all of their verses from the years’ past.   They change the verses up every year on a 3 year cycle, so they continue to learn new things.    It is truly amazing and something that I am so glad that I helped my girls do. 

We also enjoyed some time with my mom — who is looking and feeing great, by the way.  She turned 64 today, so we had a little birthday celebration before heading home.  It was great to come home, but unfortunately I came home to many chores that had to be done!  I hope to stamp some tomorrow, or share another recent project. 

When Allyson got home from her Band Trip tonight, she had bought this HUGE card for Sarah.  If you click on these thumbnails, you can see the words on the card.  Really cute!  It was a tender moment between sisters………and here are the photos!  Can you feel the love????


Oh, forgot to mention that they called a VERY HARD book of the Bible to find in 10 seconds…… was Amos!  Anyone know where that is???  No cheating…….don’t look in the front of your Bible!!!  How many seconds did it take you????

More tomorrow!  Dawn

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  1. Hey Dawn-I’m so proud of Sarah!! Give her a great big hug for me! I absolutely love the picture of Allyson kissing Sarah.
    I miss you guys so much!! Love you very much-Callie

  2. Congrats to Sarah!! It makes a parent “proud” for lack of a better word, to know that our children have been taught by us as parents to put God’s word in their hearts and carry it with them always! You obviously have done a great job with your girls! May God bless you and your family always!

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