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I recently had someone request a “tutorial” on how to use Rub-Ons.  Stampin’ Up! recently began selling some really nice rub-ons.  I have received very positive feedback, and even comments that our Rub-Ons work better than those from the hobby stores!  That’s always nice to know!  I would like to show you some “step-by-step” hints for using rub-ons and some project ideas.   Did any of you earn the FREE run-ons during Sell-A-Bration????  Have you used them yet????  Are they sitting on a shelf calling out your name????  Well…….let’s get busy and I’m sure you will want to purchase some rub-ons from the catalog when we’re done!

  First, choose your rub-ons!  These are Eastern Elegance from our Spring-Summer 2008 Catalog.  (Page 182)

Cut out the word or image that you want to use.

Separate the white, back layer from the top, transparent layer.  Lay the rub-on down and decide on your placement.  Do not apply any pressure at this point in case you decide you don’t like that spot!

Use the popsicle stick provided to rub on the image.  You will carefully rub on all parts of the image without moving the transparent sheet in any way.  As you rub, you may notice that the image begins to change a little bit, somewhat of a “hazy” appearance.  This next photo shows that, but not sure how well you can tell on the computer……

Hope this helps……

Begin to carefully and slowly pull pack the transparent sheet.  If you see that a small part has not “stuck down” all the way, lay it back down and rub a little more with your stick to insure that all parts of the image are secure.

Continue to lift until you have revealed the entire rub-on image.

There is one more step that I like to do after I have removed the top layer.   I take the white layer (the one that you previously separated from the back) and I use the shiny, waxy side to gently rub on top of the image one more time.  This seems to finish it off, or “burnish” it a little bit.  It will also help some of the “white places” around the edges disappear.   This is something that I usually do, but most people don’t probably do this. 

So……practice makes perfect!  Once you get the hang of this, you will love it.  I have experienced best results on flat items, and cardstock.  Especially textured cardstock.  However, I have done some candles, glass votives, and all sorts of things.  Find something laying around the house, and give it some flair with Rub-Ons!!!

Tag, mug, and candle with rub-ons from Sell-A-Bration rub-ons called Love and Happiness.


 Frame (from Wal-Mart) and Votive (from the dollar store) embellished with rub-ons.

Card ideas using Rub-Ons.  These cards are NOT stamped in any way.  They were made using rub-ons and cardstock ONLY.

I hope you have learned something and received a few new ideas.  I will consider more posts using rub-ons another day.  Have a great evening!


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