Off to Florida!

Good morning!  We are off to Orlando, Florida……..and this lovely resort is my home for the next 6 days.  I can’t believe the size of this place……….they even have 3 pools!  Charles is going to be attending a convention — and I will be relaxing.  I am also going to spend a few days with some very special  Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators in Sarasota.   Maybe I can get some new ideas from them.  I would imagine that we will find some time to stamp………ya’ think???   And these girls have even MORE Stampin’ Up! stuff than I do………can you imagine that???

I also went to the doctor today and got 3 different meds to get me on the road to feeling better.  I somehow think a vacation will help me feel better, too!  🙂

And Charles had a check-up with his heart doctor today.  She surprised us by telling us that she wants to take him BACK into surgery again on June 11th.  We thought she would wait until the end of summer…….but she is anxious to get him feeling better.  So, here we go again!  Our summer will start with a BANG!

I also wanted to show you what I have been working on in “all my spare time”……….this precious little dress for a beautiful baby named Caroline.  Caroline is the daughter of a friend of mine who used to babysit Allyson and Lindsey when they were very little.  It was so special for me to stay in contact with her mom, Sara, all of these years and be asked to make a dedication dress for her.  She will be dedicated on Mother’s Day………what a special memory!   I ordered this embroidered fabric on-line and then made a “Bishop Style” dress for Caroline.  I smocked the neckline and the sleeves and added white pearls into the design, too.  It is so dainty and feminine!   These are the kinds of things that I used to sew for my girls when they were little……….brought back so many memories!


I will try to post while I am gone, but no promises!  Don’t hold me to it! 




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  1. Dawn you did a wonderful job on this beautiful dress. Your smocking and pearls are perfectly excecuted. What a wonderful tribute to your friend.

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