Birthday Weekend!!!


Good morning!!!  I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!  Our weekend was so full of happy moments.  I have to share the highlights with you guys………thanks for letting me skip the Stampin’ Stuff today……….it is all about family today!

We started our weekend by cleaning up the house and smoking two very large briskets so we could enjoy birthday festivities and entertaining friends over the weekend.  We had a small family party on Saturday night for our precious little one.  He was so handsome in his new little polo shirt!  I love how the lighter colors look so good on him!  (they always washed out my albino children)  The shirt was a great idea, until it got mixed with red frosting!  Never fear, I have many years of stain-fighting experience under my belt!  We must have taken 100 photos……..he was so adorable.  Loved the dinner, loved the gifts, loved the attention focused on him, loved the ice cream……….it was just a glorious evening.  His favorite new toy came from Grammy…….some little plastic balls with different textures.  Sometimes the little things mean the most!!!

On Sunday night, we had the joy of having another get-together……..we weren’t out of brisket, yet!  We had the Millhouse family over to eat.  They adopted our very first foster baby, Matthew.  Many of you will remember this precious baby that we had for the first 5 months of his life.  He holds such a special place in our heart.  We are so blessed that his family lives close by and we have developed such a wonderful relationship with the entire family!  Matthew is now 3 1/2 years old, talking up a storm, and rotten as ever!  I know that we didn’t have anything to do with that, though!  🙂   This photo was taken in January at his 3rd birthday party………just couldn’t resist showing you how cute he is!!! 

 Since I didn’t post over the weekend, I have to back up to Friday and share some more great news!  My middle daughter, Lindsey, had her awards ceremony at school.  She will finish her 8th grade year this week, and graduates from Middle School on Tuesday night.  She is graduating 3rd in her class!  We are so very proud of her.   She has continued to excell in all subjects, and we couldn’t be happier to show you this photo of her with her Top 10 Award.

Thanks for letting me share and “brag” a little bit today!  I am so thankful for little moments like this.  It is really hard for me to see my children (and our foster children) grow up, but it is proud moments like this that make it more bearable.  I will return to some papercrafting tomorrow.  I have LOTS of teacher gifts to make in the next 2 days, so I will show them to you soon!

Have a super week…… is a shorter week, which should make it a little faster for us all!  And by the way, we still have brisket left over if any of you want to come over for dinner!  Just give me a call!!!


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  1. It is absolutely amazing how different the baby looks with his hair cut. He’s a little man now!! I love his birthday cake pictures.

  2. Can’t believe how different and grown up he looks now with his new cut! Congrats to Lindsey on her awards. Zachary has his graduation tonight; I can’t believe I will have two in high school.

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