Teacher Gifts and My Birthday!


Hello gang!  Yes, I am another year older……..and now have TWO high school daughters!  I am feeling young, but acting old — according to my teenagers, that is!  For some reason, my clothes and shoes have to pass inspection.  If they disappear into Lindsey’s closet, then I know that I have something that is REALLY COOL!  That does not happen too often, so guess I am getting old and choosing “grandma” clothes.  Scary thought!  At any rate, we did celebrate my birthday by going out to eat and Allyson made me this cake yesterday after she got home from her finals.  I was out shopping for Vacation Bible School supplies, but she baked this sweet cake all by herself and decorated it with my favorite color — pink!  I wish that I could tell you that I got some nice gifts, but my husband is not gifted in that area – no pun intended.  He is a real gem in most every way, but giving gifts is not his “love language” if you are familiar with that concept.  So………it is always a struggle for me because I am a very giving person and love to purchase or create homemade gifts for those I love.  You would think that after 20 years with this man that I would have learned by now………but I always hope that he has changed.  Well, let me assure you he has NOT!!!  Here is my card and my gift……….go ahead and check it out carefully……….


In case you need a little help, this is a card with flamingos — the lawn ornament variety — and a gift card to Brookshire’s — the local grocery store!   And then the second photo is the inside of this strangely humorous card (or at least I think it is supposed to be humerous!).  My daughter loves flamingos, so that is why it caught his eye.  Not because his wife would like a card of this type………so sad……….

So, to ease the pain, I promptly took a trip to the mall.  First, I had a delicious lunch at Jason’s with my dear friend Kristi…….then I shopped!  I saw on FOX News that shopping is great therapy for women.  I tried it out.  I feel much better after getting some new clothes and some new Bath and Body Products (in a nice tote bag, might I add!)…….maybe I should show you photos of those, but no time for that right now.  I need to show you those teacher gifts. 

The top two photos are Mini Composition Books from Wal Mart.  They are covered with DSP that is cut 3″ x 4 1/2″ and then the corners are rounded.  I used the same alphabet and frame from yesterday’s post.  But, I used the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig to perfectly position all of the letters inside the frames.  Yesterday, I was feeling a little too lazy to get out the SMAJ……..I decided to CUT OUT all those alpahbet letters.  How crazy was that???  Well, today, I used the SMAJ, and placed the letters perfectly in the center and did not mess ANY of them up!  I would like to have made a little photo tutorial of the steps to making this, but my daughter had my camera at her end-of-school party…….so I didn’t do it.  I will try again soon!

The bottom photo shows some of the candy bars I made for the 8th and 9th grade teachers.  Some of them are men, so I couldn’t do journals……..food always seems to be the best solution!  The DSP that forms the band is cut 3″x7″.  I wrapped it snuggly around the candy bar and used SNAIL adhesive to hold it.  I stamped the Circle of Friendship image that says “Thank You, etc” and then used my Circle punches.  I was done with these treats in no time flat!  I added ribbon, and the image is mounted onto the band using Dimensionals.   There is an awesome special coming out soon that offers this stamp set………watch for more details in the next few days. 

Thanks for all of the phone calls today to wish me a Happy Birthday!  I love all my girlfriends!!!! …..and by the way, we ate Chinese food and it was yummy.  Didn’t make up for the gift, but maybe this form of public announcement will cause him to re-think the next occasion.   Doubt it, but just maybe……….what do I have to loose???? 


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  1. Okay, I thought that card was hilarious… the grocery card… well did he remember it was YOUR day? $10 for the kids… but $10 barely buys milk and bread anymore! HA!! You are so creative and I just love seeing all your fun creations. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Belated! I had a good laugh at the card and grocery $$. We need to enroll Charles in gift-giving 101! I will call you soon.

  3. Kelli Diserens

    It’s my birthday today too! So HB to you & me!!! Awesome! At least your husband remembered your birthday…..mine forgot. Seriously, forgot. Someone I work with called to invite him to my birthday lunch up here and that’s when he remembered. He’s so busy, but still. I will definately work this mishap into my favor for at least the next 6 months. 😉

  4. Oh Dawn, in all the insanity of my week I totally forgot your birthday this year. I’m so sorry!! 🙁
    Bealated Happy Birthday wishes – and if you need a reminder, you’re not that old! Early forties is much better than early 60’s or soon to be. Hugs dearheart…

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