Great news!!!

Hey gang!  Great news to share very quickly….and then more tonight.  We are already home from the hospital.  We did NOT have to go through with the procedure today.  The doctor had Charles all prepped and ready……..and they took him in to the operating room for about 3 hours, but they were unable to see the major heart problems.  They could only catch a few skipped beats.  No extra beats, though.  They were very sporadic and could not be induced with extra medication.  They “raced” his heart and slowed it down, too.  They tried alot of stuff, but then decided he did not need to have surgery — he wasn’t “bad” enough to need it.  So, we are shouting praises to God right now and so thankful for all the prayers lifted up on his behalf. 

More later…….gotta take care of things around here, but I will post again tonight!


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  1. Great news – Praise the Lord!

  2. So glad to hear the great news. Prayers have been answered!!!!

  3. Praise God for His goodness!!

  4. This is such wonderful news!!! God is truly amazing!!

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