Summer Fun!

I guess I feel like summer has officially begun.  Allyson finished summer school, we don’t have to worry with medical conditions anymore, and next week is Vacation Bible School (it’s just not summer without VBS, is it???)………so we had a really fun water day yesterday and we have a few sunburns to prove it!  We did use sunscreen, but you know how it goes…….never seems to be enough at the beginning of summer.  The photo above shows Sarah going off the falls at Tonkawa Falls in Crawford (yes, we were very close to the ranch!).  In the background at the top of the falls, you can see Allyson (barely) and some of her friends, and their dog.  It is not our dog, Jack…….just looks like it from a distance.  Their dog is a chocolate lab named Striker.  He is so much fun, but he jumps in the water trying to “recsue” everyone when they jump into the water.  It was quite comical, but he really thought that everyone needed to be saved!  What a great skill!

This second photo just shows Sarah jumping off the side into the water, but what I really want you to see are the cliffs where the boys are standing.  There are several areas like this and the kids just jump off these cliffs into the water — some of them do fancy flips and such………very scary to me, but notice that they are all BOYS!  Boys will do anything!  For all of the grandparents reading this, I did NOT allow your grandchildren to do anything dangerous, but this was a really fun “natural” place and it is FREE!!!  Except for the gas to drive there 🙂

Just in case you decide to go there………it does not open until NOON.  We found out the hard way, and headed out there around 10 a.m.  We were sorely disappointed, so we went to a freind’s house to swim for a little bit before heading to the falls.   Thank goodness for friends! 

Have a super day……I will post the winner of the drawing for the cards later tonight.  I will give you until 5 p.m. on Friday to comment on Monday or Tuesday’s cards…… that post for more information if you are “lost”………..Dawn



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