Ribbon Share and Marker Club

Do you love our ribbon, but can’t afford the 15 yard bolts????  Do you love our markers, but you can’t afford them in “one lump sum”????  Well……..I have a plan for you!  Please join the Ribbon Share or the Marker Club and be on your way to owning more supplies!  We all need more, don’t we???

Ribbon Share

My first ribbon share will be done using the Narrow Grosgrain Ribbon.  There are 16 colors available in this ribbon.  You will receive 3 yards of each ribbon color for a total of 48 yards of ribbon.  Did you know that if you wrapped each card with ribbon, you would need about 16″ of ribbon?  Did you know that you can wrap 108 cards with ribbon when you participate in this Ribbon Share?  The ribbon that Stampin’ Up! sells is of a very high quality (just in case you have not used it before) and it also coordinates beautifully with our exclusive Stampin’ Up! colors.   This Ribbon Share is priced at $24, so each yard is 50 cents.  What a steal and you get all the colors at once!

$24 (includes shipping and tax)

E-mail me or reply to this post and I will put you down.  I have the ribbon IMMEDIATELY available for the first 5 customers who respond.  My second order will be placed on June 30th.

Payments can be made using a check or a credit card.  Local pickup required, or I will ship to US addresses. 

Marker Club

How it works:

  • We need at least 4 people to sign up.
  • You will pay me four monthly installments of $37.50.
  • Payments must be with a credit card which I will bill monthly.
  • I will put all of your names in a drawing and you will receive your FULL set of markers in the month your name is drawn.  I will notify you of “your month” asap.
  • When it is your month, you will also receive a Level One Hostess Set from the Current Idea Book and Catalog as a free gift to you!
  • If more than 4 people sign up, we will have more than one group.
  • The Marker Club will start in July if we have 4 participants who sign up quickly.
  • The price INCLUDES tax and shipping from Stampin’ Up! to my home address.  If you do not live locally,  you will be charged an extra fee for me to ship them to your address.

$37.50 for FOUR MONTHS by credit card payment

So, any takers?  Please sign up by e-mailing me or replying to this post.  I hope that everything has been explained clearly, but if not, please send me your questions.  Thanks!

More fun projects coming soon!  Dawn

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  1. Hello, I would love to buy the ribbon. I’m new at this and I could not find your email address. I hope this will get to you. I love your web site and check it everyday. Thank You for all the work you do. Becky Bailey

  2. Hi Dawn. Yes I would like to be part of the ribbon sharing. Thank You Becky Bailey

  3. Hi Dawn, I would like to be part of the ribbon club. Thanks!

  4. Hey Dawn,
    I want to be a part of the marker club. Let me know when you need my payment info.


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  6. Dawn,
    I want to be in the marker club. Thanks!

  7. I want to do the ribbon share! Am I one of the top 5?

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