Weekend Update

Hello friends!  We had a pretty full day yesterday so I did not get a chance to post anything new, but just wait………big changes for our family today!  Lindsey is getting her braces off and Allyson is getting her Driver’s Permit (provided she passes the test).  WOW!  I am feeling a little bit older as I type this out…….what a milestone for the family!  So, stay posted for new family photos and maybe some Stampin’ Stuff later today!

If you did not check the blog over the weekend, please check out the last two posts.  Particularly check them out if you want to participate in the RIBBON SHARE or the MARKER CLUB.  You can see the details here, or go to the sidebar categories.  I am trying to make it easy for you to find things, so let me know if I can improve the site in any way. 

Sorry that I don’t have any more photos right now, but thanks for checking in!  Dawn

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