Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

My middle child, Lindsey, turns 14 today.  I can’t believe how many hot summers have gone by since I gave birth my second baby girl!  She is the child that looks the most like me, and we have alot of similar personality traits, too!  All the good traits from me, and all the not-so-good from her dad — isn’t that the way it goes???  🙂

I wanted to show you something that I made for her tonight.  She is getting some other great presents, but I wanted to make her a couple of things, too.  Lindsey LOVES cows.  She has every stuffed cow currently made on the planet Earth.  She has loved cows for many years, so I am always shopping for “cow stuff”.  I found this paper at a scrapbook store in Austin, and it just jumped out and grabbed ahold of me.   Here is a clipboard that I made with the paper………..I think she will really like it!

The clipboard came from Wal-Mart (only $1).  I began by applying a thin coat of white paint to the top of the clipboard on the front and on the back.  Let the paint dry before moving on.  Next, I used ModPodge to adhere the paper onto the clipboard.  Use a very thin coat and apply with a sponge paintbrush.  Use a brayer or a rolling pin to totally flatten it out and prevent bubbles under the paper.  Allow it to dry and then applied a thin coat of ModPodge to the top and edges to seal it all up.    These are quick, inexpensive gifts. 

I used my Cricut to cut out the letters for her name.   I also added various ribbons at the top for a really girly finish!

Have a really super weekend!  I will try to post, but we have lots of stuff going on this weekend and a birthday to celebrate!  Cheers!



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