Home from CAMP!

Yes, we are home, and settling in to the 3rd load of laundry (out of 10 expected!) but we had the VERY BEST OF TIMES!!!  This post will be all about camp………..so family and friends — here it is!  I prepared some of my favorite photos and it will share some of our memories with you!  I will return tomorrow (or possibly Monday) with Stampin’ Up! stuff and getting on with life.  But for now, I just have to tell you (and show you) a little more about our experience.  I can not explain to you, as a parent, how blessed I am to be able to experience camp with ALL THREE of my girls.  I was a sponsor for the Children’s Camp and stayed with a cabin full of 5th and 6th grade girls.  Our church believes in a “group experience” where the Children and the Youth camps are at the same location.  We really only see the groups together at meal times and sometimes at the pool or lake areas.  However, it is all very close together and I had the privelege of “passing by” the older girls as they were  participating in various events even though I was not one of their sponsors.  (They did not WANT me there most of the time, but I do remember them coming for MONEY once or twice!)  I was also able to leave the Children’s Camp activities some of the time and snap photos of them…….so here they are!

Allyson is the one on the far right…….these are her 3 very best girlfriends from our church.  They were headed out to the Youth’s Super Heroes Party.  They were the SUPERGIRLS!

This is Sarah on a kayak in the shallow part of the lake.  Take notice behind her is a walkway leading over the deep part of the lake.  You see the stairway???  This is to the Zipline that is on the lake.  You will see more photos of that………..and there is a zipline over land, too, and I will show you many of that, too!  These were the two favorites, as you can imagine!

Lindsey on the Lake Zipline…….this is super fun.  You hang on until you reach a certain buoy in the water, and then you can plunge into the water.  Or, you can hang on until the end and it will place you more gently into the water.  Of course, we enjoyed the dropping and splashing!  What a thrill!

Yes, this is ME on the lake zipline.  Sarah took this awesome photo all by herself!


Sarah also enjoyed riflery, archery (no photo), and fishing!  And I might add that you had to get up at 6:30 a.m. for the fishing!  We did it, though!

OK……so on to the BIG ZIPLINE on the land.  This is so much fun.  Here is a photo taken from the top so you can get a good view……..and notice the pool area in the background.  It has a bright red slide that you can see in the back, a lazy river, diving boards, and snack bar.  AWESOME!


I will show you one of MY trips on the zipline first, just so you all understand how much YOUTH is still left in this 41 year old body!  I will tell you that my heart works very well.  I know this is true because I can feel it pounding really well by the time I climb to the top of this tower!!!  You have to wear very special gear and a helmet, so we all look so, so pretty once we are harnessed and ready.  Last year, I did the zipline several times sitting down on the ledge and sliding off the edge VERY SLOWLY………but this year I did it standing up and even backwards.  You just “fall off” backwards like you were taking the “Nestea Plunge”……..go ahead and say it……”you are crazy!”…….I know you are thinking it!  Remember, though, I did this very thing over the jungles of Jamaica, over waterfalls, over huge canyons and gorges……….this little thing is nothing!  I am standing on the right waiting for the ropes to be attached.   You can also “kick” your legs up and hang upside down.  I learned this last year, too, and it is super fun! 


So, here are the kids doing the zipline………

Allyson on the right…

Lindsey on the left (backwards!)

Sarah also zipped several times, but I was always behind her in line, so I didn’t get any photos 🙁  There are 4 rock climbing walls on the sides of this tower (2 courses on each side) and Sarah did a great job “mastering” the rock walls once again this year.  Here is one of many trips up the wall…


Yes, it is what it says……lots of mud and lots of games IN THE MUD PIT which is really a former Rodeo Arena so I will let your mind wander on that one……..the children did this one night and the youth did it another night.  It is a sight to see…….and I avoided it all this year.  Next year, I will be in the thick of it, though.  I was harassed pretty bad for not participating.  Brace yourselves, folks, this is UGLY!!!!  Let me add that the kids were hosed off with an industrial “fire hose” type of thing at the pit, hosed off again with a garden hose at the cabin, showered after that, and we still found mud in ears and noses for 3 days………..


 Sarah’s group did shaving cream, too!  Nice!


Lindsey had already been hosed off by the time I got over to the pit.  BUMMER!  The first photo is Allyson and Preston (a friend from Crawford) and the second photo is the “Supergirls” with Luke McConnell (another friend from church).   Here is another photo of Preston and Allyson without all the mud……..

These photos are the 8th grade girls from Lindsey’s cabin.  She is the one on the far left.  She took these photos on her own and it made me so glad to have given her a new camera for her birthday!

One of the more serious moments was the Candlelighting Service.  We had a little amphitheater where we all sat in a semicircle, sang songs, had moments of reflection, and an share time.  Many of the children shared from their hearts about what they had learned about God during the week, or what had meant the most to them.  It was very touching to hear little voices sharing in this way. 



The last night of camp was the Fourth of July and we had an awesome fireworks display over the lake.  The kids also got to go on a hayride and do sparklers if they wanted to.  We had ice cream sundaes for snack!  It was good ‘ol Blue Bell, too! 

Well, if you have made it this far, I thank you for reading to the end.  I know it was a long post, but I know that grandparents were dying to see the highlights……….and maybe some of you enjoyed it, too.   I will share more later, but nothing compares to the spiritual lessons that went along with the fun times.  I just can’t “show” you the “God things”……….they all happen in the heart!  May God bless your weekend and I hope to hear from you soon!

Blessings!  Dawn

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  1. Thanks for posting these great pic’s Dawn! I’m sure I would have had no idea what fun Andy had otherwise…..I have a feeling he did not take any pictures (and definitely will not have them posted!)

  2. Dawn, it looks like you and the girls had a blast at camp. I love the pictures!!! Tell the girls I said HI!!! Miss y’all!!!!


  3. Dawn-
    Avoi the mud pit at all costs next year! See you in a couple of weeks!

  4. Dawn-
    Avoid the mud pit at all costs next year! See you in a couple of weeks!

  5. Looks like you all had a blast! What is the name of this camp? Where is it?

  6. HI, Dawn,
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures from Camp for the Youth and Children. I loved camp,
    directed 6 GA Camps at Trinity Pines, Brownwood, Chaparral, and Lake Tomahawk.
    Those are memories that last and last, and make an impact on the campers and counselors, alike.
    We did miss you at our luncheon, which was such fun.
    Praying for the best for your little Malachi, and his future. God plans the best, so hopefully, that will be his situation.
    Lay aside all guilt, because you have given so much of yourself, your family, your means, your time, and particularly your love, and Charles’s and the girls’, too.
    Hope I see you tomorrow.
    Love you,

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