Happy Birthday, Shelia!!!

Today is Shelia’s birthday…….she is one of my very best friends and we have been scrapbooking buddies for about 11 years now.  WOW!  Where has all the time gone?  We went out to see “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2” tonight and had so much fun seeing a “Chic Flick!”  I rented the first one, and watched it today so I would be ready for Part 2 tonight.  It made me cry, but it was all worth it. 

I wanted to make something this afternoon with my new goodies, so I made Shelia a card and took her a little candle to go with it.  I loved using my new Big Shot Die (on the front of the card) and all the new In Colors, too!

Front of card (closed)

Inside of card (the front flips open)

Matching colors for the candle!

I used the new Big Shot Die called Top Note and I placed one piece of folded cardstock along the edge of the die so it cut it only on 3 sides.  This allowed for it to flip open on the front of the card.  I will show you more options in the future with this same die, but it really has scalloped edges on all four sides.  I had seen a sample where someone else had some this same type of folded card, and really liked it.  Hope you do, too!

Today was really fun when the UPS man came.  I was so excited and was “watching” for him through the blinds while I did some things around the house.  I met him at the door and he brought all the boxes to my table.  I wonder if he gets excited women like me on his other deliveries.  I think he really thinks I am crazy!!!  But, after 5 years on this route, he oughta know by now that I really like it when my boxes come!  So here they are………just for fun I took photos!

So, after it was all unboxed, sorted, and sacked up for my customers, I had very little time to actually stamp.  And of course, I already told you we were squeezing in a movie today, too!  I did get all the stamp sets assembled — and it was so, so quick because all but ONE of them was DIE CUT!!!  That is such a wonderful improvement!!!  So, I will try to play a little each day and when school starts on Monday, I will get some serious work done!  Have a great day and if you ordered something at my Customer Appreciation Party, it is here and ready for you!!  Give me a call!


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  1. Ooooh! I love what you did with the Top Note making it hinge! Very cool idea. Love the colors, layout, everything! Adorable. What a wonderful day and precious celebration!

    Getting all those boxes is like a birthday present for you too, isn’t it? I enjoy receiving boxes even if I give everything out to customers. Just relish looking at it all!

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