Moms never get to eat their meal…

Can you relate?  When is the last time you ate an entire meal?  While it was still hot?  With your own fork and spoon?  Without sharing?  Without cutting it up into tiny pieces so “little one” can have some?  You get the picture? 

Well………here is why I didn’t get to eat much of my dinner last night………

I had the joy and privilege of sharing my corn on the cob with a “snotty nosed” baby!  He didn’t want to touch it, hold it, or eat the corn “cut” off the cob……..he wanted to nibble and nibble and nibble like a little beaver!  What fun!  So, I patiently held the corn cob for quite some time………he also ate more green beans that I did, more meatballs than I did, and refused his juice so he could share my tea!  What happened to that little newborn baby that we had?

New Accessories!

I have gotten quite a few new accessories lately, but I have not been finding time to use them!  Bummer!  I decided that I wanted to make just one quick card tonight.  I pulled out the newest collection of DSP……..Washington Apple and the Riding Hood Red Taffeta Ribbon that I was dying to use was a perfect match.  I also decided that I would use some Rub-Ons so I didn’t have to use ink or clean the stamps.  I was really, really hurrying at this point!  Here is my creation……..and these rub-ons are from the Hostess Set — Holiday Happenings Bundle.   They appear black on this photo, but they are actually Chocolate Chip.   I love how the Rub-Ons looked on the DSP.  I wasn’t sure if it would be a train wreck or not……..but I think I like it!

I am still substituting, so things are a little hectic around here.  I also have a 5th child this week.  We are keeping one of Sarah’s best friends while here parents are out of town.  So far, so good, but it is a little bit crazier than normal around here, if you can buy that one! 

Have a super week!  Dawn

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  1. He’s such a big boy now! Looks so grown up…it’s been a long time since I got to share my plate with a little one. I miss those days! I was a lot skinnier then….HA!

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