Simple Saturday!

Well………we are in Central Texas, skies are dark, wind is fierce, and rain is starting.  I don’t know how bad it might get, but I am thinking we will just get additional rain at this point.  We are blessed!  My friends in Houston are still hiding out in closets and have no power.  We are in a rural community that loses power very easily, so I’m going to post really quick and get off the computer!  In spite of it all, I am thoroughly enjoying a day at home, all day, with nothing pressing!  Everything was cancelled for today, so here we sit!

For those of you wondering about our foster baby, he is due to leave our home on Wednesday.   I have no reason to believe this will change.  Some of you have asked, and I promise to keep you updated.  It is such an emotional thing for all of us.  There is really nothing you can do to help……it is so personal, but my biggest request would be for prayers.  Pray for Malachi first, then us.  We are “big kids” and we can understand all of this.  He is little and will be thrown into such a different environment.  His foundation will be crumbled.  Please pray for us all this week!  I will keep you posted. 

When I was playing with the Georgia Peach paper the other night, this simple little card just fell into place.  I love the colors, and the rub-on placed on the ribbon.  It really draws attention to it…….what a focal point!  When you are really pressed for time, just forget the stamps!  Get out our DSP and the rub-ons for a super quick fix! 

Have a great day……..more later!  Dawn

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  1. God bless you and your family for doing this. You all will be in my prayers.

  2. I’ll be praying for Malachi and you. Keep me updated via e-mail…I haven’t been too good at
    e-mail lately but rest assured I think about you a lot more than I e-mail…sorry…give the kids big hugs for me…

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