Then and Now

Hello friends!  I am sorry to say that I don’t have any stampin’ projects for you today.  I worked a tiny bit yesterday on my upcoming club classes, but I don’t want to spoil those surprises for you!  Charles flew out of town yesterday morning.  He is in New Jersey on business.   I am also returning to work for at least a week of substituting today.  I am teaching Senior English — a little scary, so I am starting to study up on Beowulf this week!   We just so happen to have Open House for all three of my kids tonight and tomorrow night.  How did Charles plan this trip so nicely????  In addition to all of that it is our ANNIVERSARY.  He is going on a lovely tour of New York City complete with a dinner cruise — all of this without me and without any children helping him eat his meal!  No, I am not bitter at all about this 🙂

I am preparing (mentally and physically) for a very tiring and emotional week.  I just couldn’t get much done this weekend thinking about Malachi leaving and trying to get things in order around the house.  The dark, dreary skies and threats of Hurricane Ike kept us Texans a little pre-occupied, too.   My spirit felt dark and dreary most of the weekend, too.  This is part that we hate……..but we always remind ourselves of our calling.  Our calling is to love these little ones with everything we possibly have.  We have done that, and now our time appears to be limited.  God has used us for this season of Malachi’s life and now He needs us for someone else.   I better stop here, or I will just start crying all over again! 

Just for fun, I wanted to remind you of Then……..and Now.

Then (Photo taken July 2007)

Now (Photo taken August 2008)

I have made a scrapbook of his life with us, so all the photos are very fresh in my mind.  I printed off some of the most recent photos yesterday and will work on getting them in the book tonight.  I had worked on the first 12 months of his life toward the beginning of summer when we thought he was going home then.  Thankfully I don’t have much to do on the book.  I wouldn’t be able to handle it this week! 

Please be patient with me this week, probably won’t post much.  I will get back into the swing of things soon, though!


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  1. Dear Friend,
    I have been praying for you all this morning and will continue all week. Have a great day at school and let me know if you need me to be plan B.
    Love, Carrie

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!

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