It’s Homecoming — Stampin’ Up! Style

Hey gang!  I can’t wait for you to see my first Homecoming Mum!  I made this mum for Lindsey’s date.  (It is a smaller version on a garter — the boys wear them on their arm)  When we went to the store, Lindsey really wanted silver letter stickers for her and her date’s names.  Well………all the popular letters were gone, and they were also 79 cents each!!!  So, I told Lindsey that I really thought we could stamp and emboss letters on the ribbon…………and guess what???   It worked!  And it is now a very special Stampin’ Up! Mum!

I will look forward to showing you photos of her and her date, Mikey, after the festivities tonight.  We don’t have a dance, and they aren’t allowed to wear their mums with their band uniforms………go figure!  So, guess I will just have to get a photo at school tomorrow!  I am glad that I am teaching!

Oh, and for all of you dying to see me as a “Hippie”………I will get those photos posted soon!  We have some really good ones………but they are on Lindsey’s camera.  I was a “big hit” and totally embarrassed my own children.  The students really liked it, though!

Today is Spirit day……… jeans and a t-shirt…… to my ears!


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  1. Dawn
    Awesome Garter. I love the look of their names embossed on the ribbon.


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