Homecoming Week (Last Week)

Hello friends!  I hope you won’t mind me showing some fun stuff from Homecoming last week.  I have gotten some e-mails asking for the Hippie Photos……..no, I didn’t forget!  Each day was a different theme and we dressed up (or THEY dressed up) according to the theme.  I tried to join in the fun most of the time, but the kids were much more spirited than the teachers! 

Day 1 was Camo Day………and the day ended with a Tug O’ War challenge between the classes (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)……..it was a fun way to end the day and the Seniors won!  No surprise, though!  Here is a photo of Allyson and Zack right after the tug o’ war…….he is headed off to football practice, but we managed to get one quick photo!

Tuesday was Twin Day.  I didn’t have a “twin” so I really didn’t take any good photos this day.  We ended the day with Dodge Ball Games and I think the Juniors might have won that match, but can’t really remember.

Wednesday was something……….guess I am just too tired to remember.  We did some really neat games that day, but I had to stay inside for Tutorials that day.  Bummer!  However, I know that there was some Pie Eating and whistling with crackers in your mouth……….among other things! 

EDITED NOTE:  It was “College Day” on Weds……..I finally remembered what happened only one week ago!  I am getting OLD!!!

Thursday was Hippie Day……..and these were the best photos of the week.  I had the most LOVELY polyester outfit……..very bold and bright!  The kids loved my outfit, but it was hard to take me too seriously! 

Lindsey and Mom

Hippie Day with some of my students! 

Ally and Lindsey with Zack (he didn’t dress up!)

Lindsey and Jake – wow — glad those pants stretch a little!

Friday (Game Day) was SPIRIT DAY!!!  This was a totally uncontrollable day with absolutely no learning taking place…………honesty is best!!!  It was a very fun day, though, and the kids received points for painting their face, painting their hair, number of items of red/black clothing on, having our school name/logo on……….and all that stuff.  We added up all the points in our second period classes, and it took a long time to tally up some of these kids!!!!  So, here are a few photos from Friday and the game………..and yes, we won the game!!!!

Me with some of my 1st period students!  I am the one that looks “normal” — but I did have on my Homecoming T-shirt!  I did have spirit!  They begged me all class period to let them paint my face and hair………but I did not give in!!!

Lindsey’s date for Homecoming was a friend from band named Mikey……..remember the post with the mum……this is the mum I made on his arm!

Zack and Allyson after the football game! 

Lindsey and Jake after the football game.  He is a senior (just like Zack) and he also has a girlfriend — but he and Lindsey are really good friends and talk alot (oh, I meant to say TEXT alot).   Jake and Zack are both students of mine, too, so we have a pretty fun time when all of us are together!

Have a great day……….I will have some more Stampin’ Up! projects soon.  Dawn

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