Season of Friendship

Good morning friends!  I found a few moments to use my new stamp set called Season of Friendship.  I kept this card super simple…….the way I like it best!  I have been stamping projects for my Club Class on Thursday night (and next week, too) but I wanted to save them for later in the week………didn’t want to spoil the surprises for the group!  I have some really cute projects planned, so get ready to see those starting tomorrow.  

Thanks for all of your sweet e-mails and inquiries about my teaching job.  It is still going very well, and I really enjoy being up at the school.  The older girls really like me being there, too, and that has really made me feel good.  A few of my students even came by the house this weekend to pick up a Literature Book………they are friends of the girls from band — and I guess they lucked out in finding a book to do their homework!   I am doing pretty well at getting the laundry done, the house picked up, and I haven’t forgotten to do anything major!  My biggest adjustment is that I don’t get to eat lunch with my girlfriends any more and I don’t have time to run all the little “piddly errands” that I used to take care of during the daytime hours.  However, I am using alot less gasoline (yeah!) and spending less money shopping………who has time to shop???  So…….I think we might be seeing the positives in this job situation!

I hope that once we survive football season and Marching Season, I can find more time for stamping!  You do too, don’t you???  Have a great day! 


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