Fabulous Weekend!!!

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We are still “flying high” from a very exciting weekend with many high points!  First, you must appreciate Texas Football to really understand our excitment when we won ANOTHER football game on Friday night.  You must also know that our small 3A High School has NOT had success on the field in several years (none since we moved here 6 years ago) and this is very bad for the overall mood in our small town.  So……..with all that said we are now 2-0 in District Play and we have won BIG TIME the last 2 Friday nights.  I feel very sure that some of my football players (my English Students) are just now coming down from the clouds!  Some of you can not possibly relate, but this is very exciting for a small Texas town!  We were up very late after the excitement on Friday night and were wishing we could sleep in on Saturday morning but we had to leave at 6:15 for a Cross Country Meet!  Thrill!  Then we had to zoom across town to get to the……….

Band Competition

Thankfully it was NOT out of town this weekend so we didn’t have to travel.  What a blessing!  Our band did a fabulous job and received a Division I Rating……….which means we advance to Area Competition next Saturday in Georgetown.  This will be our 5th weekend of doing band stuff, so we are getting a little tired.  However, it is so exciting to do so well and we are hoping to go all the way to STATE Competition.   Here are a few photos if you’d like to see them….


Allyson plays many different percussion instruments — here she is playing the keyboard.

Here is Allyson playing the bells.   Her good friend Shane (bass drum) is on her right and her friend Jordan is playing the bells on her left. 

Linsdey is the third person from the left — playing a trumpet.  Well, not really playing the trumpet, but she looks like it, doesn’t she???  She is really just marching and holding that trumpet…….and she moves her fingers around some, too.  You might remember that she plays in the percussion section wtih Allyson………..but not any more!  We needed some extra kids to march in the places of the ones that did make passing grades on their first report card.  Sad, but true!  So, they thought that she could handle learning the part (she has good rhythm!) and she courageously learned the part in only 4 days!  She performed last Friday night at the football game and then again at the competition.  I am so proud of her — and she got Band Member of the Week this week!!!  She is doing so well, that I think they are going to make her learn how to play a REAL instrument so she can march with them every year.  We shall see…….

Here are a few photos of the “overall look” from the stands.  You can tell how beautiful the day was here in Texas — not a cloud in the sky!  We are sunburned, but it was a gorgeous day to be outside.

Unfortunately, I can not tell you where Lindsey is located in ANY of these photos.  I will have to ask her to show me.  They move around so much and they all look the same when they get those hats on!  They can’t wear any hair down (one of many UIL Rules) so I can never find her when she is marching.   So sad!

Stampin’ Project

I know that some of you don’t want to see my kids………but thanks for putting up with it anyway!  The grandparents read my blog, too!

My card today uses Crazy for Cupcakes — it is ON SALE!  Please check out the birthday sets that are on sale until the end of the month!  There aren’t any fancy techniques on this card……I just wanted to do something with this scallop backgroud.  This shows another unique way to use our Scallop Square Punch.  Here is what it looks like UNDER the cupcakes……….

Pretty cool, huh?  I used 6 of the punched squares.  I pushed them up right next to each other and it seems like you have a really nice RECTANGLE punch.  Hope you will try this fun idea!

I hope you have a really great Monday………it’s back to school for me!  Dawn

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