Snow is falling…

No, not really………this is Texas!  I hope we get to see some this year…but it usually doesn’t happen but every 2 or 3 years!  So, I guess I will have to settle for my little snow flurries of the “felt” variety!  I made this card with several new products and I plan to make a few more of these………..I really think they would make some lovely “thank you” cards if I just changed the sentiment.  I dug out 3 different punches to make this card even faster:  the large Oval Punch, the Designer Label Punch, and the 1 3/8″ Circle Punch.    The DSP is Ski Slope (winter mini) and the ribbon is the newest Taffeta Ribbon — Riding Hood Red with ivory edges!  Absolutely gorgeous ribbon!!!

I hope you have had a good week.  I can’t believe it is already Thursday.  The weeks are going by so much faster now that I am working every day.  I can’t get over what a difference it makes.

Some of you have asked about Malachi.  He has been gone for about 6 weeks now.  We have missed him terribly, but I have been so busy teaching that I have not had time to really grieve his “loss” from our home.  I have talked to his caseworker and she assures me that he is doing well.  We have not seen him any since he left but we are praying that we will get that chance soon!  We are anxious to see him and see how he reacts to us……….if he remembers us.  We are on call, basically, for another baby.  We are ready, we think, and Charles is willing to take off work if the baby gets sick.  It will take even MORE teamwork, but we really want to continue our ministry of being a foster family.  We really miss having a little one around and we still feel very “called” to do this.

I was interviewed yesterday by one of my students (a speech assignment) and she asked me many different questions.  The one that I liked the best was this:   “If you could tell the students of our high school one thing, what would it be?”  I told her that I would tell all of our students to find SOMETHING they can do in life to make a difference in the lives of others.  Find something that you can do to BLESS others and YOU will receive the blessing in return.  If you will give of yourself (let go of selfishness) then you will usually receive even MORE back that what you gave!  This is how we feel about fostering.  We want to do something to make a difference in the lives of others (and actually that is also why I put up with High School kids every day!!!!)………..and I hope that each of you will find something that YOU can do to make a difference in the world.  It is NOT foster parenting for most of you………..but you CAN do something that will bless others and I guarantee that YOU will be blessed in return.  God bless each of you!!!


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