There’s a new little Princess around here!

We’d love for you to meet our newest little “Princess”………she is gorgeous and perfect in every way!  We got a call today right after school and she was in our home by about 6:30 p.m.  I have told you before — you never know how fast your life can change!  Especially when you are foster parents!  Little did we know…but we have everything we need for her and we are so excited to start the “journey” all over again with a new foster baby!  We are even more excited that it is a girl!!!!  We are ready for hair bows and lace!!!





These are a few of the photos we snapped tonight.  Lindsey was gone to practice tonight for an upcoming play so that is why I don’t have any photos of her!  I hope you can catch a glimpse of her beauty………..and see how happy the girls are to have a little one around.   You can rest assured that more photos are coming of this beautiful baby!

Oh, and I was stamping away in my craft room when the phone call came about her………so I didn’t get anything finished after that!  We quickly washed bottles, boiled the pacifiers, brought out the boxes of PINK things………and tidied up the house — all in time for our caseworkers to arrive!

More stampin’ stuff soon, though — I gotta get ready for club class on Thursday!


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  1. Oh how exciting, Dawn! I know you will make a big difference in that little one’s life! God bless!

  2. She is just beautiful. You thought things were busy before with band, I can only imagine how busy things will get with this gorgeous little princess in the house.

  3. She has beautiful skin and hair! What’s her name?

  4. Kimberlyn is just gorgeous and so very petite looking. Amazing hair! Can’t wait to see her in person. Your girls look like they swallowed canaries holding her so gently. So happy for you and hope you’ll be able to get some sleep!

  5. Precious, precious, precious!!!! Truly a blessing from God!! Can’t wait to see her. Probably can’t get a hairbow to stay in THAT hair!! LOL

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