Best Kind of Friend

Hello friends!  I found a wee little bit of stamping time tonight……….there was a small little voice calling my name from my stamp room…….my room was feeling a little lonely and neglected.  It wonders where in the world its companion has gone!   We had a fabulous dinner with LOTS of boys.  We did not have ANY of our meat left (about 45 pounds of meat!!!) and I only got ONE BITE that I stole from Zack’s plate just to say I tried our brisket!  We had chicken, sausage, ham, brisket and turkey.  Lots of it!!!  I was amazed how fast it disappeared.  The boys had a blast.  They set up tables on our back patio, brought their speakers (yes, they were loud), their IPODS, and they had a really great time just being KIDS!  The night ended fairly early, though, and I decided to clean it all up pretty quickly so I could stamp a wee little bit! 


I used a stamp set that is on our “Dormant List” called Best Kind of Friend.  If you want to order that stamp set,  you can!  You just can’t see it in the current catalog! 

And now for the really funny photos of Allyson and Zack………..she brought it all on herself, so don’t feel sorry for her!  She started with this little dabble of cool whip on Zack……….innocent enough, right???


But here is the REST OF THE STORY……….notice the mound of cool whip in Zack’s left hand and then the ENTIRE can of cool whip sprayed on her like it was “silly string”………….remember, she egged it on!  






So……….who won this one???? 

I will keep you guys posted on the Playoff Results………..and I have 2 more cards ready to post, so check back soon!


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