There is nothing more peaceful…

than a sleeping baby!  And thankfully she is doing alot of that!  We are adjusting quite nicely to a little girl around the house (I have the necessary credentials!) and enjoying every little bit of her!  She is eating well, sleeping well, and the joy of our lives these days!  She hasn’t left me with much time to do anything else, but we sure do love snuggling with her.  They grow up so fast — I better snuggle while I can!



Can you see those little ringlets in her hair???  They are just adorable…….especially after her bath!  They get flattened out when she sleeps, but they are so cute!  It won’t surprise you that she has worn bows on several occasions……….we just took it out while we got our “beauty sleep”!

We are playoff bound! 

Tomorrow night is our playoff game and things are very exciting at the high school.  I have most of the Senior Football players in my classes, so it is really neat to “feel the energy” this week!  Tonight I am hosting a dinner at my house for the boys!  Lots of boys!  We are smoking a ton of meat and some of the other parents are bringing the side dishes.  We think we have plenty of food prepared, but I have been warned that these boys REALLY know how to eat!!!  Remember, I have three little girls!  I will let you know how it all goes.  I plan to take photos of this fiasco!  Does that surprise you???

Have a super duper day!  Dawn

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  1. Ok can I just say how jealous I am of all that hair!!!! Alison is still lacking in that department!

    She is adorable! ENJOY! 🙂

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