Simple Monochromatic Card and Star Wreath


Sorry to keep you waiting all weekend to see my other cards………the ones I promised on Friday, I think!  We ended up going to see the school play on Friday night (Lindsey had a small role in that) and then I was just too tired to work on the blog.  On Saturday, I went to a scrapbooking event hosted by two other local demonstrators — Lindsey Blackhurst and Leah Fish.  They are fabulous at what they do………and it was wonderful getting to make projects where THEY did all the work, and I just showed up!  It is usually the OTHER WAY around for me.  I loved learning a few little tips and tricks from them during the day and visiting with my friends who own the retreat center, too!  It was originally supposed to be a weekend retreat (Thurs-Sat) for me, but my new job and my new baby got in the way just a little bit…………but I still got alot of creative juices flowing on Saturday.  I was able to make several “goodies” for Christmas presents, and I finished all of my Christmas cards!  WOOHOO!!!!  Now I have to work on getting a good photo of the girls for the card and making Charles get busy on the family letter.  Sometimes this is easier than others!

So………here is another card I made last week…..


I got the idea for this card from Jackie’s Blog.  (and she got it from yet another blog…)  I loved their cards so much that I came home and made one myself.  This card was no doubt the fastest card I have ever made for Christmas……….and so cute, too!  I used the Ski Slope DSP because it was handy and sitting by my desk.  However, it is gorgeous in the other patterns that you will see on the other blogs. 

That is all for now………..we are headed out of town this next weekend for another Playoff Game and thus another band performance.  I feel like it will NEVER end, but it is SO SO exciting for all the high school kids.  Our game will be in Mansfield (DFW area) and we will stay in Dallas overnight to see my mom on Saturday.  If we win again……….hopefully, we will play again during the Thanksgiving Holidays.  Wouldn’t that be fun????

Gotta run for now……..the baby is getting a little fussy!  Better go rock!


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  1. Great card, Dawn! I love it with that paper, too! That’s the great thing about this card is that you can use SOOOO many kinds of paper packs!

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