Watch out for white cars…


You have 28 more days until this car will be cruising around with a teenager behind the wheel!  I can’t believe it is true, but we bought this car yesterday for Allyson.  She was a little discouraged at first…it just wasn’t “hip” enough for her.  We bought it any way, knowing that she would come around sooner or later.  Either drive it, or stay at home — basically that was how we saw it.  Well, she decided within 24 hours that it was a pretty nice deal that mom and dad got her a car of her own, and even became angry when dad drove it to work today without even asking her permission.  Imagine that!!!!  So, we hope it all works out.  It was a scary decision for us but after months of looking, PawPaw and Daddy decided this was a great car for her to start out in.  So, beware of all those teenager drivers……….don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Just so you don’t have to strain to figure it out — it is a ’97 Pontiac Grand Prix.  It is VERY LOW on mileage and has 4 new tires on it.  It is in excellent condition, and does not appear to have been out of the garage too much!  We are really glad to have our “car hunting” days behind us for a little while!

Holiday Extravaganza from Stampin’ Up!

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Have a nice evening and I will be back in the morning!  I don’t have to work tomorrow, yeah!!!!

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  1. I gasped out loud when I thought of Ally driving!!! 🙂 I remember when I first started babysitting she was 5!!! Wow–it makes me feel old! Tell her congratulations–I can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

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