Thanksgiving Family Photos

I hope that your Thanksgiving Holiday was wonderful!  Mine was so enjoyable — and I had a new perspective on the time off from work now that I am employed full-time!   If you are only interested in a Stampin’ Up! project — please scroll down to the VERY BOTTOM.  Otherwise, keep on reading, but WARNING:  this is a long post!  

On Thanksgiving Day, we had the most glorious weather and it was perfect for picture taking and mom was in a serious picture taking mood!!!  Are you surprised???  No way!!!  Well, Charles’ two sisters were equally excited to take some photos and we all had a blast……..well, almost all of us.  The kids were getting really cranky by the time we ate lunch.  We spent about an hour taking every combination of photos imaginable.  We really do have some serious plans for these photos………but we can’t spill the beans on the blog, ya’ know!  You will have to wait and hear about it after Christmas!   One of Charles’ sisters even had a sketch drawn of the “openings” on her photo frame she wants to fill up and made sure to capture horizontal and vertical photos to work out perfectly in those openings.  So……….after lunch my mother-in-law was really disappointed that she didn’t get any of the photos of the grandkids……….you see, she was inside finishing our Thanksgiving meal while we were outside making memories.  But, she got this bright idea that we should get everyone together for a family photo like we did a couple of years ago.  She had the photo sitting up on the shelf and got it down.  She wanted everyone to stand in exactly the same spot and take the photo exactly the same…… get the idea.  Well, it worked out fine, except for that my 3 children were too tall to stand in front of me this time.  We had to stretch out and move over, and I still felt hidden behind them.  Made me realize how big they have gotten — and how grown up they are.  Just another reminder of how time is slipping by.  Well, before I cry, I won’t go down that path any more.  It just makes me too sad.   So, here is the photo of the Derrick family………..Charles’ mom and dad are near the center (green shirt) and old gray haired man (honest!) — our family is all on the right (you figured that out, I’m sure) — to the far left is Charles’ sister and brother-in-law (camo shirts) — his oldest sister is in red and her hubby in blue in the back — the two blond girls in the front belong to the couple in the camo shirts — they are cousins to my girls.   There is a photo of all 5 cousins if you keep on reading this long entry……


We took a ton of photos in the swing………here is one of my favorites.  The baby is now 10 weeks old and beginning to fill out.  She was so very tiny when we got her, but we are really seeing her change more and more every day.


We also took a ton of individuals……….here is one of each of the girls.




I snapped this photo just really quickly while Charles and his dad were sitting on the tailgate watching all the photo taking……..and I am so glad I took it.  It turned out so nice, and we don’t have any photos that I know of with just Charles and his daddy.  We are so thankful each year that we still have both our parents to celebrate with us.  Charles’ dad is a Cancer Survivor (twice!) and we are so thankful for all the years we have had with him!!!  God has blessed us in so many ways, but this is at the very top of our list!



Lastly, the 5 cousins.  The oldest (far right) is a freshman at Tarleton and the youngest is Sarah in 6th grade.  These girls have sure changed over the years……….

And one more thing……….Kimberlynn had a few photos taken yesterday in her pretty little purple sweater.  I made this sweater a few years ago when I was first learning to crochet.  It was so tiny that Charles teased me about needing to donate it to the Neonatal Unit at the hospital.  Well, guess what?  It fits Kimberlynn just perfect!  She wore it to the Christmas parade!  Yes, we had a parade and my battery died on my camera (because of all these millions of Thanksgiving Photos).  Wonder how that happened???  So, we only got one photo of the band.  Allyson was first with the percussion, so we got her photo and then it died for good.  Sarah was marching for the first time EVER, and I did not get a photo of it.  I hope she will forgive me!!!  Back to Kimberlynn……….she is in love with Allyson.  If you see in these photos, she would NOT look at me.  Allyson was over on the side, and that is who she is looking at (not her mommy who gets up all night with her)………and in the second photo she is “talking” to Allyson and telling her that there is some crazy woman trying to take photos of her and she really wishes she were not so obsessed with her camera!




So……….if you are still with me after this long post……… is a Stampin’ Up! project!


This is a Pillow Box made with Clear Acetate.  We are making these boxes at my Club Class this week.  These are so cute and simple and the BIG SHOT makes it all happen so quickly and easily!  I hope you have enjoyed this post………I have alot more projects ready to show you this week.


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  1. Dawn,
    I love all the photos of your family. No boy cousins???? You sure have some beautiful girls!

    Do we have stamp club tonight? I have it on my calendar, but not sure if I have the right day.

  2. The girls look absolutely beautiful!! I loved seeing you guys on Sunday…thank you so much for meeting for lunch…I loved every minute of it!!

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