Do you see what I see????

Oh me, oh my!!!!  I can not even find time to clean off my desk from last week’s stuff!!!!  Take a quick look at this………and I mean really quick!  I am embarrassed to show you this, but thought it would make a cute entry on the blog!


This is not the usual for me!  I like to put things away as soon as possible — well, that is just it, it has not been possible!  I had the two classes last week but I didn’t get the stuff put away…………..I got the living room put back together and it has been crazy ever since!  I decided to hide it all in my office (instead of leaving it all over the living room) but then it was “out of sight, out of mind” and you know how that goes.   So, I pushed it all aside tonight to make a few photos for this new post, and it will still be waiting for me tomorrow night! 

This is perhaps the busiest week of the year for me.  My church does a HUGE Christmas program each year called “Waco Christmas Celebration” and we are all in the show.  All five of us!!!  It is something that requires many, many, many hours of rehearsals and we have been practicing since September.  We will perform 5 shows this weekend before it is all over!  We also have rehearsals on Weds. and Friday night so my personal time will be very limited.  I will post as time allows and then I will enjoy posting some photos from the performances on Monday for you to see.  I am the “lead penguin” in one of the acts……….and I have 4 Penguin friends that sing and dance with me.  It is hilarious!!!  Our costumes are very large, very hot, very bulky and pretty much the most miserable thing ever.  We also don’t have any hands, so if we fall down — well, we might still be on stage next year!  We have a 200 voice choir and about 150 children and youth in the show, also.  It is very fun, but it is about this time that we all start wishing it was all over.  I hope that doesn’t sound harsh, but it just gets overwhelming during the last week. 

Good news from school……….Macbeth is dead, Lady Macbeth is dead, and the test is tomorrow………..I guess that means we officially bury Macbeth tomorrow.  I am thrilled!!!!  Ready to move on……….guess I have a little ADD — my attention span has lasted as long as it can for Shakespeare!

One more family thing……….we had the High School Band Christmas concert tonight.  It was lovely, and actually fairly short.  That made us all really happy!  I had made a recipe for Allyson’s friend, Zack, that he had been wanting me to make.  He loves the Lemon Squares from Starbuck’s and he wanted me to search for the recipe and make him some.  I googled it and came up with several similar recipes so I tried the first one out today after school.  They were pretty yummy……….and he was so excited that he came over after the concert to try them out.  Here are the two of them by the Christmas tree……….his mom got a photo, too!  She likes pictures, too, and scrapbooks some, too!  I love it!


So, now that you have scrolled down this far, here is the Stampin’ Up! stuff!!!  Remember the Blessing Box from Thanksgiving???  Well, this is a variation of the Blessing Box that Angie showed on her video tutorial at Chic N’ Scratch.  I made a Christmas variation, too.



Here are the steps for making this little box……….first start with the base box from the Blessing Mix pattern.


Next, you will pinch the box in at the sides to make a pleat.


Cut a 4″ piece of cardstock (I think this one is 4×5) and make a “topper” for your bag.  I also scalloped the front edge for accent.



Once you have attached the top, you will tie with ribbon and embellish as desired.  This would make a great box for a pair of earrings, a bracelet, some small Christmas candies, etc.

Have a great week and say a little prayer that I have enough stamina to keep up this week.  We need lots of prayers to stay healthy and strong this week!!!


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