Christmas Ideas

Hello gang!  I have a few Christmas ideas for you tonight, but first I must share with you that I am not teaching English any more………guess you could say I got my “pink slip” on Wedsnesday.  The teacher that is pregnant was allowed to come back to work today!!!  This is great for her — and you can imagine what 3 months of bedrest has been like!  However, it is a little sad for me.  I am such an emotional person, so I found myself really missing the kids today and feeling pretty sluggish.  However, guess what all I did today (that I could not have done before)????  I ate breakfast and read the newspaper!  I went to a hair appointment!!!  I did two loads of laundry!!!  I ate lunch with my girlfriends — and it was longer than 30 minutes and it was actually tasty!!!!  I read two chapters of my novel today (while getting my hair colored) instead of studying British Literature!!!  I have not read for pleasure in 3 months……….but I must say that I am glad we buried  good ol’ Macbeth before I left.  I would have had nightmares of that man if we had not finished that before I left!!!

So, I have grand plans to get alot of stamp stuff done next week — among those are various gift items for teachers, friends, and family members.  I have to get my Christmas cards mailed, too!  They are finished and almost all addressed.  We never got out Christmas cards last year.  I was very sad — it was the first time in 18 years to miss sending them.  Some of you remember that my mom got really sick right before Christmas and things just didn’t quite happen as I expected.  I had the photos ready, and some really cute plans, but sometimes we all have to adjust — right?   So, I started making my cards in August — just to make sure they were done!  I also had a little help from my dear friend Carrie (I love you Carrie!!!) and that explains it all! 

So, gotta get some sleep so we are ready for the big weekend performances.  We have dress rehearsal (2 run throughs) on Friday night and then 5 weekend shows……… won’t hear back from me until Monday most likely!  Since I have not done alot of stamping lately, I dug out some photos from things I did last year.  Since I didn’t have a blog last Christmas, these will be new to most of you.  Keep in mind that some of them are made with Retired Stamps, but still fun ideas!


You can look at THIS POST to see a lovely Christmas tin that I talked about previously.  It was filled with a bunch of Christmas tags. 


christmastag21The tags were all made with my favorite DSP called Dots and Dashes.  It was so festive!!!

About 30 tags were all placed in a tin for a friend of mine as a gift.  They all turned out so cute.  My photos are a little blurry, but here are a couple of the tags that were in the tin.

Have a great weekend!  Dawn

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  1. Wow!! I bet you are a little shocked not to be around the kids anymore…but maybe it’s good that you have days off now during the Christmas holidays to get things done!! Have fun spoiling yourself: getting your hair done, reading, stamping, etc…good luck with WCC this weekend!!!

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