Happy Birthday Allyson!!!

Today is Allyson’s 16th Birthday….Sweet 16 that is!!!!   We got up really early this morning hoping to be one of the very first people at the DPS office.  It was still pretty crowded — we were about the 5th people in line!  It moved really quickly, though, and we were done by 8:19 a.m.  Here are the photos………..enjoy!  I can’t believe it has been 16 years since I gave birth to this little one……….my how time flies!  After the holidays, I will get back to more regular postings and more Stampin’ Up! projects.  Life is just too full of Christmas festivities and family fun to worry with blogging right now.  I will try to post again soon, but for now………..here is the big news in our house!  

Allyson is gone to Soccer practice right now………she doesn’t know it, but I am coming at the end of soccer with a big cookie cake for the soccer girls………and some photos, too!  Then later tonight, Zack is coming over to watch “The Wizard of Oz”………..her all-time favorite movie and he promised her last summer that he would watch it on her birthday.  Not his idea of fun, but it is HER BIRTHDAY after all………and then her favorite Strawberry Cake for dessert.  My mom found the cutest candles………they are hot pink sparked letters that say “SWEET SIXTEEN” and they will look perfect on the pink cake.  I can’t wait………..but I better get in there and start cooking!







Filling out some paperwork!











Taking the eye test!








Signing the signature!









Leaving with the “Official License!!!!”

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  1. I remember when Allyson was in my 3 year old Mission Friends class at Columbus! My how time flies and she’s still as cute as ever. Thanks Dawn for all the great memories both past and present. xoxo and hugs to Allyson. ~Sara

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