Merry Christmas!!!!


It is with great joy that I say “Merry Christmas” to all of you from our family to yours!  We had a very “simple” celebration with family and it made me realize that my “babies” are getting older and Christmas is so different when they turn into teenagers…….some of you have experienced this and know what I mean.  Others of you………not yet, so my advice to you is to TREASURE the laughter and the magic of Christmas as long as you can.  It is so fun to experience it through the eyes of little ones!  We traveled to Dallas last Sunday for Christmas with my mom.  We also took time to see the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord Hotel.  It was fabulous!  I have some great photos that I will try to share one day soon.  For now, here is a re-cap of the last couple of days.   This is our family on Christmas Eve.  We went to church services and then met up with Charles’ extended family for dinner and a “Chinese” gift exchange.  We usually have about 30 family members who attend, so it is always loud and festive!




 Zack joined us for Christmas Eve and was a little overwhelmed by all the people………but he fit in just fine and enjoyed his time with the family (or so he says!).

Sarah is holding our “Baby Jesus Cake”.  This is a tradition from when all the cousins were babies.  We have used this same little nativity centerpiece every year………..we sing “Silent Night” and remember the reason that we are gathered!  Happy Birthday Jesus!  My mother-in-law makes everyone eat one little square of the cake…………and if you don’t………..well, we just won’t go there!  Grammy makes sure you eat it!


 Santa delived some goodies on Christmas morning……….and some gift cards in the pockets of these jackets! 


Allyson and Lindsey modeled their new tobogans and scarves.  A cold front is on its way, so we should get to use them soon. 



Sarah got Lindsey a new zebra print wallet and made each of us a “friendship bracelet”.


Lindsey made a fleece blanket for Allyson.  Believe it or not, my 16 year old still loves Disney princesses!!!!


Sarah made Allyson a notebook full of Disney coloring pages.  She worked for several weeks on this and printed title pages for each of the princesses.  It was truly a “gift from the heart”!!!


We gave Daddy a new HD Digital Recorder and carrying case.  We have played with it just a little bit…..another new gadget!


And this is what Kimberlynn did while we opened all our gifts………..she was so tired from all the Christmas Eve festivities!!!!


I hesitate to show you these horrible “morning pictures” of me.  It is kind of embarrassing, but I guess if I can put my life out here on a blog, I can put the “real me” on here, too!  Those of you that know my husband know that he is not too good with giving gifts.  He usually gets me NOTHING, or something very interesting……….or gift cards to really random places like the grocery store (remember my birthday story???)  Well, I started noticing alot of random boxes under the tree last week.  I think Santa made several appearances at my house………..I had 15 boxes under the tree!  This is a world record for me (or better yet for my husband!).  Well, as you can imagine, I was very suspicious that they were filled with odd things.  But, they were actually pretty decent gifts.  One of them was a Canon Monopod for my camera and I really did want that!  There were a couple of books (random titles, but that is another story for another day) and then there were a bunch of boxes full of things from Bath and Body Works.  There were 15 different varieties including body cream, body wash,  body tanning lotion, body spray, 3 in 1 body products, and soft fuzzy socks.  I have 15 different fragrances, too!  Go figure.  On top of that, he bought 2 bottles of perfume.   So, the question is this……………do I stink or what????  Is this a hint or what???? 


So here is a photo of the body products and the 10 packages of ECLIPSE gum that was in one other box.  So do I have bad breath, too????  It was a funny morning, but at least he tried really hard!!!!



Here is the most important photo of all………..the older girls with their new phones.  They were so, so excited.  They now have unlimited texting, too, so you can imagine how thrilled they were.   I gave them these LAST……….otherwise we would have not ever gotten them to open another box!


Kimberlynn got several nice gifts, too.  Her caseworker delivered these, and we felt so blessed!!!!


Sarah didn’t get a phone, but she got the next best thing for a girl her age………..a Nintendo DS Lite.  She has played with it non-stop!!!


Mom and her girls on Christmas morning (after I primped a little bit!!!)


Sarah took the DS LITE over to Grammy’s and kept on playing.  And, yes, the older girls were on their phones the whole time, too!


After lunch and a few games of “Apples to Apples”, everyone was sleepy again.  Especially the little one!!!



However, when we loaded her up in the car to go home, she woke up in such a happy mood.  Allyson snapped several photos of her smiling all the way home!!! What a happy feeling………..Merry Christmas!!!!


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