Our Special Day with Malachi

SPECIAL NOTE:  This was supposed to be published last night (Sunday night) and I guess I didn’t do something right……sorry!!!!

Today was such a blessing!!!  I can’t wait to tell you about it.  We got to go see Malachi and his family!!!!  We were so excited — but also nervous about how he would react.  Would he remember us?  Would he respond well to us?  Would we be sad to leave him again?   We talked to his mom yesterday and she assured us that she would love to see us.  We asked about their needs, and she said that Malachi really needed some diapers and clothing for the cooler weather.  I went shopping yesterday afternoon and secured some fabulous deals at a consignment store and was also able to get some diapers through a “connection” that I have with our local Caritas agency.  So, we loaded up the van with Christmas gifts, clothes, and diapers…..

We went after church today to his hometown about an hour away.  We were blessed with a very warm welcome and all of the children were happy to see us.  Malachi stared us down for quite some time as if he was not really sure what to think of us being there.  It was as if he remembered, but maybe was a little confused, too.    The turning point happened when we opened the presents and he was so excited!  He came to life…………playing, laughing, throwing balls, hugging and kissing all of us.  We stayed and played for about an hour and then said a somewhat tearful goodbye.  Malachi wanted to get in the van and go with us………he threw a big temper-tantrum and laid down on the concrete screaming.  I guess we should have just said goodbye in the house, but the weather was gorgeous today and they wanted to walk us to the car.  It might have been easier to drive off if we had not all gone outside.  All in all, it was a great visit and we felt so blessed to see them.  They have assured us that we can come anytime we want, so that is great to know.  Hopefully we can continue to stay in touch! 

Enjoy the photos……….for those of you who knew him for the 15 months we had him, you will enjoy seeing what a “big boy” he is becoming.  He is now 19 months old and such a toddler.  I can’t share much, but there are still some very real prayer needs for this young mother and the 3 children.  Please pray for them!!!  Thank you!!!






These little plastic balls pop out of the top, you put them back in, they slide down the tube and then the air blows them back up to the top.  Really fun toy and they were so excited at how it worked!  Then Malachi realized he could throw the balls at us, and that was fun, too!










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  1. Dawn, These are very heart touching pics. I pray that the Lord will use you and your family to touch the lives of this young family. Malachi is getting so big and still as cute as can be.

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