Lots accomplished today!

Yes, I got a great deal of little things accomplished today……….such a productive day!  Charles took Sarah to the cave in Georgetown, Allyson and Lindsey were quite busy texting all day 🙂 and the baby was at daycare while they went to the cave.  So, I quickly finished picking up the house (from Christmas decorations that I put away yesterday), finished some laundry, washed my sheets, and vacuumed the house.  The belt broke last night — bummer — so Allyson got me a new one last night and I was able to finish my chores.   When it got really calm around here, I stamped and scrapbooked just a little bit.  I also baked a potato for lunch in my new “Potato Baker” that my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas.  It is sewn (yes, with a sewing machine) out of fabric (with some batting in there, too, I think) and it is the coolest thing ever.  You slide a clean baked potato in the pouch and microwave it in the fabric pouch.  It comes out soft and fresh — just as if you had baked it for hours in the oven!  I am so impressed……….not sure why it works so well, but it does!

So, here is one of the projects I made with the Love You Much stamp set. 


This is one of those cards that didn’t turn out EXACTLY as I planned, but I had to stop at some point and move on.  I was trying to use my catalog for inspiration, and I used the card on page 23 for the layout idea.   I tweaked it a little here and there, but I think you can see that I created it using the same “template”.  The nicest thing about this stamp set is that the 3 hearts can be stamped and PUNCHED out perfectly with the punch……….no cutting!!!  I am in love with punches, and this is no exception.

Here are a few pictures of the cave exploration today………..have a great day!




This is a BAT!!!!  They were not zooming in on him, either, they were really this close……….I am not sure about this — I’m glad that I was not so close!

Have a great new year’s…………. Dawn

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  1. Oh Dawn, what a special gift for your family, as well as for Malachi! I pray he will be blessed. May your family receive many blessings this coming New Year, too! Hugs, Jackie

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