Back to school!!!

Well, we are getting back in the groove this morning.  We had to actually set the alarm clock today and go back to school.  Allyson drove to school for the first time since getting her license over the holidays and wouldn’t you know it is POURING down rain.  Why did that have to happen?  I was a nervous wreck.  I followed her with Sarah in the car to make sure she got there OK.  It is also 34 degrees here, so messy weather for our first day back. 

However…I have great news!!!  The RETIRED ACCESSORIES LIST comes out today at NOON (Mountain Time) so I will post it here as soon as possible.  These are available “WHILE SUPPLIES LAST” so if you want something, you MUST let me know right away.  I will be available all day either at home or on my cell, so please let me know.  FREE SHIPPING STILL APPLIES for orders placed with ME until January 11th.  This is MY TREAT to you — HAPPY NEW YEAR — and my thanks for being a fabulous customer!!!!

Hope you enjoy today’s project!  It is a little Mini Book that you could fill with wallet size photos, quotes, Bible Verses, anything!  I am going to make another one with different DSP and post it tomorrow with “step by step” instructions and dimensions.  I am not ready for the video stuff yet, but I will do photos of each step and that should help you out enough.  I did buy one of those tiny digital cameras for Charles for Christmas, so maybe we can try to video sometime in the spring.  For now, you have to see me in real life for a demo! 

Here is the front — Riding Hood Red Cardstock, Vanilla ribbon, and the stamps are from the Love You Much stamp set.


Here is the inside of the front cover and the first page of the book.


Here is a “top view” where you can see the 3 layers of pages.  The rest of the story tomorrow!  Come back later today and see me later for the RETIRED LIST!!!


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