Something different, for a change!

Good morning!  To those of you hoping to see another stamped project, I am sorry to disappoint you!  I have been wanting to show you some of the sewing that I did over the Christmas break, so I am going to do that today.  I hope you will enjoy a slight digression from the world of stamping.  I have told you before that I have too many hobbies……….sewing and crocheting are just two of those.  I am having more fun trying to do some sewing now that I have a little girl to sew for!   I used to spend hours and hours sewing for my girls………and I really do miss that.  They would rather die than wear something hand-sewn at their ages!   I might get lucky and get to sew a prom dress some day, but even then I am not so sure!

So, here is a little “lovie” that I stitched for Kimberlynn.  Our pastor’s wife has her own Monogramming business, so she did the name on it.  It is a small square, flannel print on one side, very soft fuzzy fabric on the other.  The photos do not do it justice — it is really a very pretty “baby girl pink”  but it looks very washed out in these photos……….guess it is the low lighting in my bedroom.



Next are a pair of Receiving Blankets (just the packaged kind from Wal Mart) that I added a croceted border to.  When Allyson was born, someone made me some of these.  I always liked them so very much.  They were a light weight blanket (perfect for Texas) and yet they had a “pretty” and “dainty” feel to them.  I was looking through some books about a year ago and found some patterns for them.  I knew immediately that SOMEDAY I wanted to make some of them.  So, here they are.  I still have 2 more that I want to do (from the package of 4)………I’m saving that project for a rainy day, I suppose!  I keep thinking these will make lovely baby shower gifts if I can find the time to make some more of them.



Last, I made her a little quilt using a variety of pink and white fabrics.  It is not an impressive design by any means  — just some simple squares……….but it is made with love and looks so pretty next to her.  I put “silky” fabric on the back because she really loves that fabric on the back of some other blankies of hers.  The original pattern called for flannel, but you know us stampers are very good at “tweaking” the design and making it “ours”.  Right???


I made this quilt for a couple of friends last year when they had new babies.  The cutest one was for Jenn’s baby (Sam) and I used the colors Real Red, Ballet Blue, Creamy Caramel — and all the prints were puppy dog things.  One had bones and fire hydrants……….it was adorable, if I might say so myself!  

At any rate, thanks for allowing me to share all my passions with you………the sewing machine may not get cranked for a few weeks now that the new catalog is available.  However, I have 2 more quilts I need to make for gifts, so maybe it won’t be too long before I sew again.  Have a great week!!!


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  1. You made some cute things,Dawn.You know I love sewing ,too. Thank you for teaching me to smock! You were a great teacher!

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