New stuff is on its way!

First of all, I am busy substituting this week (all week) and I didn’t have time to get photos loaded last night so I am sorry to bore you with some typing today!  I will get everything done tonight, though!    I must confess that I had to watch “The Batchelor” last night after my club class was over.  My hubby taped it for me, and the kids were trying to ruin it for me by telling me all about it as soon as the last person left………so I just put on my jammies and started the tape!!!  I am somewhat embarrassed that I am in love with this show………but at least I am honest, huh?   Anyone else like this show???

I have placed my first order from the new catalog!  YIPPEE!!!  I didn’t order any stamp sets, but I have already got 4 new ones from Leadership, Regionals, Manager’s Reception, and our pre-order period.  So, I decided to spend my money on accessories.   I can’t wait to get the new stuff and play with it!

I want to remind you that you can order on-line any time you want something.  Go to my SU website at and click on SHOP NOW.  In addition, Stampin’ Up! will send you a FREE copy of the catalog with your order.  I made a mistake on my previous post.  You do NOT have to order $50 to get this………any order qualifies you for the free catalog.   This is a great way to get your copy if you are not a local customer.

I will post more tonight and show you one of our club projects…….they all turned out really nice.  There are 4 of them this month! 

See you later!  Dawn

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  1. I also watch the Bachelor… here’s my confession.

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