Club Project #1










This was the quickest and easiest project for my Club Group this month, but I think it was the favorite for the night!  These are very strong magnet clips that I purchased at the office supply store.  The top sample  shows a larger size (2″ plus)and the bottom sample shows the smaller size (about 1 1/2″).  I was able to find the larger size at WalMart, but the smaller ones (less expensive, of course) came from the office supply only.  We used Felt Fusion flowers and Rhinestone Brads to embellish them and they were done in no time flat!  We also chose co-ordinating ribbons to tie around the “spring” of the clip and it really added the finishing touch!  Thanks to my SU friend Jennifer in Sarasota for sharing this fabulous idea with me!  Hi, Jenn!!!!  Miss you!!!




More projects coming tomorrow……….check back with me!  Dawn

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