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Yes, I got a fun call at 6:00 this morning to come and be the Spanish teacher today……..my friend Katie is laughing her head off right now!  She is a bilingual teacher in South Texas and she knows that I am NOT that gifted!!!  I told the kids today that I know “taco”, “enchilada”,  “tortilla”, and “cheeps”………ha! Oh, and I know how to ask where the bathroom is in Spanish……..that about covers it as far as I am concerned!  I know how to get some yummy food and how to take care of necessities………don’t you agree???

In all seriousness, I knew that the students would have some Spanish to work on, and that I would not be able to assist them much, and that I might be able to accomplish some card making today………….so I quickly crammed an “emergency Stampin’ Up! travel bag” with some major supplies and off I went to Spanish!  I really did get alot done, and I can’t wait to share them with you!  However, I want to back up to last Thursday when I made another HUGE set of cards.  I knew ahead of time that I was subbing, so I CAREFULLY and methodically packed the optimum amount of supplies to accomplish a project or two.  I had been asked to donate a door prize for our Women’s Retreat at church and I wanted to make a big set of cards.  I decided to try and use up more of my retired DSP (remember — so I can buy more of the new stuff if I use up the old stuff??) and I quickly chose the Hawaiian Papaya Paper.  I packed coordinating solid cardstock colors and cut them in half to speed up the process at school.  I also packed 5 spools of matching ribbon colors, and lots of SNAIL!!!  I knew that I wanted to put Bible verses on the cards, so I grabbed white cardstock and stamped the verses so I wouldn’t have to mess with any stamping while at school.  I just wanted to have to cut and paste, basically!  Oh, and tie ribbons — lots of ribbons!!!  So here is what I came up with if you are still with me………..

First, I cut all the DSP into the perfect size for a card front:  4″ x 5 1/4″


Here are just a few of the left-overs…….I started with alot of pieces of DSP!

Next, I took a desired piece of solid cardstock and a desired piece of DSP.  I cut about 1 1/2″ or 2″ off of one edge of the DSP rectangle and flipped it over before adhering it down.  Every once in awhile, I would actually swap one flipped piece with another one — sometimes I just wanted a different combination……….but basically all I did was flip and flop and flip and flop and mix and match and mix and match all day long!!!!  I added coordinating ribbon to all of them and here are just SOME of my cards.  I made 40 cards in all!!!! (and remember I still had some leftovers and I did NOT start with a full pack to begin with!)

The last thing I did was trim my verses and apply a verse to each of the cards.  I must admit that several of these come from Retired Stamp Sets.  I don’t ever get rid of the inspirational word sets, including the Bible verses, as I know I will use them over and over again! I also added some sponging to the edge of the verses for one final little touch.  I had taken the Olive and Chocolate Chip with me to school, so this was only a small amount of supplies with a very big reward!









Each card was different and they all look so good together.  I just photographed SOME of them to give you an idea.  I am packaging them in a small basket and tying them up with a pretty bow and a business card from me — just in case they want to check out Stampin’ Up!

I have since cut up some other DSP sets and made several more sets to give away as gifts as occasions come around.  I am happy with my very SIMPLE cards and glad to have been productive while subbing!


Here are some Sage Shadow cards just waiting to have the stamped images or verses attached………this was as far as I got on these.  Please come back soon……….I have alot more to show you………..maybe this will get your gears turning on what you can do that quick and easy!  My kind of cards!

Have a great day!  Dawn

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  1. Dawn,
    I am sure that you did a great job! I wish I could have heard it. 🙂 Just keep it up and you’ll be bilingual, too.

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