A few aches and pains….


This is another cards made with the Sale-A-Bration set “Botanical Blooms” and the new “Raspberry Tart” Designer Series Paper.  The words that are on this card are included in the set with the floral images.

It has been an unproductive weekend for me (as far as stamping goes).  Charles and I had a wonderful date night on Friday (thanks to Parents’ Night Out at our church) and we had a yummy dinner at OutBack with my in-laws.  However, my shoulder and upper back had begun to hurt a little during the evening and by late in the night it was progressively getting worse.  I still didn’t really think too much about it.  We went to shop for a treadmill………pretty sure we are going to make that investment……..and don’t you know that was a fun thing to do on a date?  That’s what you do when you get old, I suppose!  We are still contemplating our decision (as to what TYPE to get) so any suggestions out there????  PLEASE send them my way!

So, back to my shoulder…I woke up Saturday morning and I had my class that afternoon.  I had to do some setting up, some cleaning, some laundry, and all those fun things.  Due to various activities going on, I was alone until after lunch (with the baby) to get all this done.  Lots of bending and tugging and pulling and needless to say it really got the pain going stronger.   I managed to make it through my class but I was anxious to take some serious meds after they all went home.  They were all very kind and understanding but I really didn’t feel like I was myself!  Sorry, guys!   Thanks for putting up with me anyway!

I asked Charles to take me up to our local Mexican Restaurant (very yummy place) for some nourishment and then I took some back ache medicine with night-time sleep aid…………well, it was fast acting might I add!  Sarah came home from playing with a friend as I was in the process of “passing out” and I think I heard her ask me if I was “OK”………..they never see me like that.  I rarely take medication other than allergy stuff.  So, I think I was still falling asleep in church this morning and I won’t take that tonight!  I am afraid I would not wake up for school in the morning!!!!

I am really hopeful that the pain will die down by tomorrow.  And I feel sure that sitting at a computer typing is really not that beneficial.  I have some of those “hot/cold patches” that I am going to put on it, and then I plan to get out the heating pad.  And maybe I will take half of the pill……….not sure if I should even do that!   Everyone is “settled” around here so I think the bed is calling my name!  The baby is asleep, Charles and Sarah are watching a movie, and Lindsey is already in bed.  She was at Disciple Now weekend with our local Baptist Church so she is wiped out!  Allyson is still not home………the story of my life?  Did I really want her to get that license???   Oh, and she experienced her first Power Lifting meet this weekend! (she was not lifting, she went to watch Zack)  The stories I heard were pretty comical!

Enough of my ramblings………I will let you know how things are going after I survive the day tomorrow.  And I was NOT kidding……….treadmill advice needs to come quick.  We may buy it tomorrow……….we are anxious to start EXERCISING while we watch “The Biggest Loser” instead of EATING while we watch it!  

Have a great day!  Dawn

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  1. Ooohhhhh! I hope that you are doing much better now Dawn. What on earth did you do to bring on such pain. Glad your Saturday class went well, and that you got through it. Take care of yourself.

  2. You need a massage. Seriously. A few weeks ago I had those pains in my back…..they were so bad and I made it a month trying everything I could to alleviate the problem but I just finally caved in and spent the money on a massage. Stacy is wonderful and theraputic in her approach so let me know if you need her number! =) Be sure and pass along the treadmill information, I would love to buy one but have no idea what is a good deal or not.

  3. Oh Dawn, I hope you feel much better soon! Good luck on the treadmill hunt…we have an Elipse and love it. Now, to start back on it….

    Your card is very pretty, too!

  4. duh! I mean Eliptical! Hee!

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