Post-It Notes and Feeling Better!!!

Thanks for your e-mails and kind words.  I woke up Monday feeling amazingly better and did not take any more pain meds after that!  Yeah!  I am still experiencing some muscle soreness, but I know I am exhausted and tensing those shoulders, too.  I need to rest and get more exercise on the NEW TREADMILL! 

Yes, we got one!  It may not be the biggest and the best, but we are going to try it out for the time being and see how it all goes.  It even has the “arm things” so maybe I can get some upper body strength, too!  It has a fun little “voice” that talks to you — Sarah is really tickled about that!  So, I guess you’d say I have a personal trainer, too!  I am just glad that she has a calm soothing voice and won’t yell at me like the trainers  on “The Biggest Loser”! 

I apologize in advance for the VERY poor lighting on these photos.  It was very late when I photographed them and I didn’t have a chance to do anything about it.  I got the inspiration for these when I saw these cute Post-It Notes at Target.  I thought they would look really cute with the “Cheep Talk” stamp set.  They were very cute and simple.  I scored the Elegant Eggplant cardstock in half leaving about 1″ at the top.  I scored the front panel about 3/4″ down so that the “flap” folded back to reveal the notepad.   My final accent was adding Crystal Effects to the bird.  These didn’t turn out exactly as I envisioned, but they’re OK. 



I used Elegant Eggplant, Ballet Blue, and Kiwi Kiss for my main colors.

kimberlynnwithbearI haven’t show you a photo of Kimberlynn in awhile………she is very slowly growing and is almost 12 pounds now!  She is still so very tiny compared to others her age (almost 5 months!!!).  This little bear is not very big………kinda gives you a perspective. This is a 3 month outfit that just “hangs” on her.   She still has the prettiest blue eyes and gorgeous brown curls…… you can tell, we wear alot of bows around here!   She is the little princess in the family and seems to get happier every day!  She makes lots of noises, can roll over, and smiles most of the time!   That’s all for now…………hope to post more tomorrow! 


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  1. Kimberlynn is beautiful! She is getting so big! 🙂

  2. Kimberlynn is truly an angel from heaven! She is precious as precious can be.

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