Best Wishes, My Dear Friend Callie!

Today we will have lunch with my dear friend Callie before she and her husband leave for Lacon, Illinois.  Callie began babysitting my girls when Sarah was only 1 year old!  She has literally grown up with my girls!  She has been the best babysitter I could have ever asked for and truly an answer to prayer for a young mom.  Very rarely can a young mom with three children so close in age feel comfortable leaving them with a babysitter.  I was always at ease and the kids were always thrilled to have Callie babysit.  We just knew that we could relax and enjoy our dates when we had Callie at home with the girls.  Often, we would plan our dates according the night Callie COULD come to to babysit and I never scheduled a trip without seeing if Callie was available.  As the girls got older, they needed her a little less, but she would come and stay with them when Charles and I would go on weekend trips or week-long cruises.  We trusted her THAT much!!!  I remember one of the last big trips we went on……….when I called home from one of the ports, thankful to have caught them on the phone……….Callie laughed and said, “They don’t really need ME anymore, they just need my CAR!”  That is how I feel sometimes, too!  They just need me to drive them around — and hand out money!   Callie even came home from Seminary in Abilene to keep the girls for us when we went on our last cruise………and continued to come see us every time she visited her parents or came home for the holidays.  We never felt she was very far away……….until now!

Today is a special day for Callie and her husband Paul.  They are saying “Goodbye” to all of their Waco friends and heading out on a new journey that God is leading them on.  They both graduated with Ministerial degrees last year and they have accepted new jobs with a Christian Camp in Illinois.  It will be quite a chance of scenery for them, but such a wonderful opportunity to minister together and serve the Lord in a beautiful setting.  Please join me in praying for them as they adjust to their new life — new job, new home, and new friends!  May God richly bless them for their willingness to serve Him in such a mighty way!

Today’s card that reminded me of my special relationship with Callie.  It is from the Leadership display boards, so I am not sure who made it.  I love the colors, the felt flowers, the paper piercing, and, of course, the verse.


I am not sure about the flowers that appear to be stamped behind the felt ones……..but any small flower would work, or it would be fine without anything stamped.   Notice the VERY FAINT pink flower stamped behind the words…..isn’t that nice???

Tonight and tomorrow night are my club classes.  I will post the project tomorrow…… is one BIG project instead of several small ones.  I have everything ready, but I want to get it all set up before we have lunch.  And, by the way, we are out of school today……..that is why we can all go to lunch together!  I got lucky and they didn’t need me to come to school today for the In-Service meetings……..yeah!

Have a super week……..hope you survive Monday!  Dawn

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  1. you are absolutely wonderful! (tear, tear)…words cannot describe our friendship and what it means to me…thank you…

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