Saturday has come and gone….

Well, Saturday is almost over………time to crash and get ready for another busy Sunday.  My Ladies’ Ensemble “Joyful Sound” is  singing in church tomorrow (2 services) and we have to be ready for a sound check at 7:50 A.M.  We are singing a very challenging song with LOTS of words (very meaningful ones, might I add) but they are so difficult to memorize.  I have worked on them all week long — I hope I don’t forget any of them!

We had a pretty uneventful day today, but it started out really early.  Sarah had to leave at 6:45 a.m. for a DrumLine Competition.  She is not a morning person and was really not thrilled with this early departure.  However, she informed me that she would do better if I would fix her a cheese omelet and toast this morning!  Yes, at 6:00 a.m.  Well, since I was trying to earn the “SuperMom” award, I let her manipulate me into doing just that.  It was not the most enjoyable thing I have ever done, but she ate it and made it until 1:30 p.m. when they finally got a lunch break.  She was gone until 4:15 this afternoon, so my house was pretty quiet today.  (She is the “loud” one in the house….usually)

Allyson and Lindsey just hung out around here……….did some homework, played on the computer a little bit, and then somehow we got to looking at very old photos from when they were babies.  I had a big folder full of “extras” from studio photo shoots when they were little, and some old school pics mixed in.  We laughed our heads off and did some reminiscing about their outfits, their bows, and their hair-do’s………none of which they liked!  Can you imagine that???

Charles was gone most of the day with his dad working on some problems at their rent houses.  When he finally made it home, Lindsey and I went shopping to get a few things while dad stayed home with the baby.  By this time, Allyson was gone to see Zack and we would all meet up for an early dinner.   Our evening concluded with a fabulous concert by Mark Lowry at our church.  It was a “sold out” crowd — our sanctuary that seats about 1500……….wow!!!!  If you don’t know about Mark Lowry, he is a Christian singer and comedian.  He previously traveled with the Gaither Vocal Band and has returned to that role this year.  He is extremely talented and has written many songs, including the popular Christmas song, “Mary, Did You Know?”  It was a very deep, spiritual experience — but at the same time very funny and entertaining.   Lots of good ol’ gospel music………I really felt like I’d been to a REVIVAL! 

So……….I did not stamp today, or do anything crafty.  I must be honest and tell you I spent all of the baby’s naptime this morning playing on the computer!  I have been “finding” and re-connecting with some friends from High School and my youth group friends.  It is crazy…….and some of them have posted photos from high school days that are just too, too funny.  My kids are getting some really good laughs.   I will try to post some more projects soon.   I just tried to enjoy the day off work today, and it didn’t include stamping for some reason………

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