Another Criss-Cross Card

I just love these cards!  Do you remember THIS POST from the fall when I first showed them to you?  Here is a sample that I photographed at Leadership in January.  I love the crisp colors and the simple design. 

crisscrosscard1I am unsure of the exact products (since I didn’t make this card) but I think it uses the Pumpkin Pie or Tangarine Tango Prints Papers………..maybe?  Then the blue is definitely Pacific Point, and Kiwi Kiss bordering the verse………..just use this as a template and stamp away!

I am glad that I have photos from Stampin’ Up! events to fill in the gaps when I haven’t had time to stamp something new for you!  I had to watch Batchelor tonight and grade a ton of papers (during the commercials)…….and then I had to finish them after it was all over!  My one night that I really don’t want to miss what’s on T.V.  But, I think next Monday is the finale…..

Have a great day and I hope to have something NEW to post for you in the next day or two.  Try to be patient……….I am burning a fuse at both ends — and I really do like to sleep a little bit each night!


This was taken a few weeks ago at a funeral that we had to go to on Charles’ side of the family.  It was a lovely day and we were outside for a very long time…………long story, that I promise you DON’T want to hear.  We were very thankful for the weather when it was all said and done.  Kimberlynn was a perfect angel — except for when PawPaw got up to preach the message she decided to “talk” to him a little bit………it was pretty cute, really!

girls-at-derrick-graveHope you won’t think this is morbid or anything, but I think it will mean alot to us in the years to come.  The girls are standing by the headstone for their great grandma and great grandpa Derrick…….almost all of Charles’ family members are burried nearby, but I thought this was a little sentimental to have their photo with the Derrick stone.   The were too young to know “MawMaw” as we called her, and his great-grandfather died long before I came into the family.  

We took alot of photos that day for the family members and so we can have them in a family history album………

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