Mini Envelope Card

I’m back……….short and sweet before I call it a night.  We had TAKS testing today in the state of Texas………mandated academic testing — for those who might not be aware of the TAKS test — so it was another long day.  We started the morning out even earlier than usual because you have to provide a very large and wonderful breakfast for your children before they try to master the test.   So, I made breakfast burritos and still managed to get all of us out the door on time.  That was a miracle in and of itself.  Charles and I are still not 100% well from having an intestinal bug of some sort, so we are not moving in fast motion and not thrilled to do anything, quite honestly!  I am hopeful that tomorrow will bring more recovery.   The day ended with a cool, blustery soccer game and then the final “Batchelor” show was on tonight……..a follow-up of last night’s finale.  It is all over until May 18th when the new season starts.  WHEW! 

Here is a quick little card that I got as a swap from Leadership.  It is made with a 3×3 envelope and an insert.  This would be an awesome gift enclosure with a small trinket for a friend.  To make the card, seal the envelope and then cut a very small amount off of the top of the envelope.  This will give you the opening to slide your 3×3 card into.  You might want to use just one piece of 3×3 cardstock (a card front) instead.   Hope you enjoy!



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  1. Dawn,
    I love this little insert and envelope. The colors are so cute and ‘spring like’. And it looks pretty easy which is a big plus for me.

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